The Noble Network of Charter Schools

Assistant Dean of Discipline - Mansueto High School

II. 2018-19 Leadership Chicago, Illinois


Be Noble. Be Noble. Establish a Culture to Lead Our Students to Success at Noble.

Noble believes in establishing and reinforcing an environment conducive to learning and optimizing the time our students have for academic and personal growth. Noble students arrive having a multitude of prior learning and home experiences. This presents both challenges and opportunities. While Noble has an established code of conduct from which all disciplinary actions stem, a person assuming the role of Assistant Dean of Discipline should be consistent in implementation of the code of conduct, while remaining creative in generating programs and processes that are tailored to the student population and the school community in which they serve.

The Assistant Dean of Discipline is responsible for helping to lead a team of disciplinarians responsible for multiple tasks as related to maintaining student culture; they lay the vision for the pathway toward student development of behavioral and social norms that will lead to success in Noble and beyond. The Assistant Dean of Discipline is also responsible for maintaining and building relationships with students deemed most “at-risk” and their families, along with the development of community partnerships that may provide alternative strategies for student growth and development. The Assistant Dean of Discipline will communicate and collaborate with school leadership to ensure alignment of overall vision. Experience working with students in educational environments is not required, but is preferred.

What You Can Expect from Noble

  • Strong School Culture: We have structures in place that enable you to teach 99% of your class period. You have autonomy to teach what you want to teach. We trust you to do what is best for students. If you ask for support, you will receive it. The work is exceptionally challenging, but it is also the most rewarding.
  • Meaningful Relationships: Our people genuinely care for and enjoy working with each other. We focus on building strong, meaningful relationships with every student and family. Everyone works with the shared mission of getting students ready for college.
  • High Expectations: Expectations are consistent for every adult and student in the building. From ensuring we have working copiers to responding to all emails you send, we are obsessed with following through on the basics that every teacher deserves.


  • A results-oriented history of personal achievement
  • A belief that all students can succeed in high school, college, and life
  • A data-driven mindset
  • The discipline to self-reflect and the hunger to continuously improve
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Eligibility to work in the United States

Be Noble.

The Noble Network of Charter Schools Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis