The Noble Network of Charter Schools

Case Manager - DRW College Prep

II. 2018-19 Leadership Chicago, Illinois


Be Noble. Be a Case Manager at DRW College Prep.

Opened in August 2012, DRW College Prep lives the G.R.I.T. values of Growth, Reflection, Integrity, and Teamwork. Our scholars engage in a rigorous academic program, spend more time in class than typical high school students, commit to following a strict set of rules, and act with honor and respect as they pursue the dream of college success.

Our Mission: DRW College Prep challenges and supports students to become highly educated people of integrity who positively impact their community.

Some of the main responsibilities of this role include, but not limited to:

  • Maintain 100% compliance with all IEPs/504s/FIEs;
  • Review and finalize IEPs/504s/FIEs within appropriate timelines.
  • Create an IEP schedule and ensure proper notification of meetings have been sent along with procedural safeguards.
  • Attend and facilitate IEP meetings.
  • Monitor special education services for accuracy and effectiveness. Problem solve with learning specialists when issues arise.
  • Maintain positive parent relationships by promptly responding to questions and concerns.
  • Manage special education parent referrals and RTI referrals.
  • Support and oversee related service providers in their paperwork and work with students. This includes but is not limited to the school psychologist, nurse, speech pathologist, and social worker.
  • Communicate any issues that arise with principal and share with network director of student services for support.
  • Monitor IEP students’ discipline issues per campus policy and work with campus dean of discipline to find solutions.
  • Prepare for MDRs when students have received 8 days of suspension either consecutively or cumulatively.
  • Support paraprofessionals in their work with students and teachers.
  • Oversee Bi-weekly Dashboard Review process and review learning specialist action plans.
  • Analyze quarterly assessment data to find trends and identify areas for growth.  Ultimately sees oneself as responsible for learning outcomes for all students on the caseloads. 
  • Complete position allocation appeal paperwork for CPS as necessary.
  • Collaborate with teachers and A-team members to discuss action plans for struggling students and programmatic changes.
  • Manage SPED Department and PLC Meetings.

*All applicants must have his/her LBS1.*


  • LBS1 (Illinois Special Education Certification)
  • A results-oriented history of personal achievement
  • A belief that all students can succeed in high school, college, and life
  • A data-driven mindset
  • The discipline to self-reflect and the hunger to continuously improve
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Eligibility to work in the United States

What You Can Expect from Noble

  • Strong School Culture: We have structures in place that enable you to teach 99% of your class period. You have autonomy to teach what you want to teach. We trust you to do what is best for students. If you ask for support, you will receive it. The work is exceptionally challenging, but it is also the most rewarding.
  • Meaningful Relationships: Our people genuinely care for and enjoy working with each other. We focus on building strong, meaningful relationships with every student and family. Everyone works with the shared mission of getting students ready for college.
  • High Expectations: Expectations are consistent for every adult and student in the building. From ensuring we have working copiers to responding to all emails you send, we are obsessed with following through on the basics that every teacher deserves.

The Noble Network of Charter Schools Is An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.