Sr. DevOps Engineer

Software Engineering Morrisville, North Carolina


Who is Netsertive?

We are a technology and digital marketing intelligence company that empowers product brands & local businesses to win the fight online. We don't hesitate to go left when others go right, or bob while everyone else weaves. We are the purple cows of the world.  Ping Pong happens to be our favorite Olympic Sport. Even if you don’t play, you have to enjoy being a spectator!


The DevOps Engineer will be responsible for building and maintaining a Continuous Integration System (CI) and Continuous Delivery System (CD), troubleshooting production issues, and monitoring, documenting, and maintaining production systems. 

  • Setup and maintain Code Repository system
  • Setup and maintain all Kubernetes (K8s) clusters
  • Troubleshoot Environment/Code/Config type problems
  • Monitor daily production logs from all applications
  • Create tools that will assist with day to day system administration tasks
  • Automate the deployment of new environments
  • Be responsible for the health and performance of all production systems
  • Troubleshoot all production system issues
  • Manage all code deployments to production and staging environments
Minimum Qualifications:
  • 7 years of experience in software development role or system administration role
  • Scripting experience in Bash or similar language
  • Experience with source control system administration such as Git, SVN, Github, or Mercurial
  • Expert knowledge of LAMP stack technologies (java, apache, mysql, php, etc)
  • Expert knowledge of creating deploy and build plans within Jenkins or Atlassian Bamboo
  • Expert knowledge of containerization technologies such as Docker
  • Experience setting up and maintaining a Kubernetes (K8s) clusters and K8s ecosystem technologies such as istio, Prometheus, Ark, Helm Charts, Zipkin
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services including Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), EC2, VPC, RDS, ASG