Platform Engineer

Engineering San Francisco, California



Design and develop new features for the N3TWORK Scale Platform used by app developers to grow their audience and business.



      Work with product teams to design and develop new features for the N3TWORK Scale Platform.

      Translate prototypes and research from data science team into full, scaled platform systems.

      Collaborate with other engineers to help design and build successful, scalable services that back free to play games on iOS and Android.

      Implement reusable server-side systems that drive game features

      Help build web-based tools used by game designers and producers to operate games

      Write and maintain quality, readable code

      Collaborate with game teams, designers and artists to bring our work to life


        5+ years experience in Java or Python

        Deep knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design   patterns and how to apply them to the problem at hand

        Deep experience with secure, scalable RESTful API design

        Experience with database design and scaling for write-heavy   workloads

        Experience operating production services in AWS or another   cloud environment

        Ability to identify and correct performance bottlenecks on a   live system

        Solid understanding of Unix/Linux

        Understanding of and interest in successful free to play game design and development

       Curiosity that drives you to continually learn new things


        Experience with machine learning and data science concepts

        Experience with Pandas, R and SQL

        Experience with DynamoDB, BigQuery and other large database systems.