Platform Server Engineer

Engineering Santiago, Chile


Build, scale and operate our internal game platform that runs delightful multiplayer free to play games for iOS and Android with a team of experienced veterans.


  • Work with the server engineering team to help design and build successful, scalable services that back free to play games on iOS and Android
  • Implement reusable server-side systems that drive game features
  • Help build web based tools used by game designers and producers to operate games
  • Write and maintain quality, readable code
  • Collaborate with game teams, designers and artists to bring our work to life


  • 5+ years experience in Java, Python or Ruby
  • Deep knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design patterns and how to apply them to the problem at hand
  • Deep experience with secure, scalable RESTful API design and development for mobile games
  • Experience with database design and scaling for write-heavy workloads
  • Experience operating production services in AWS or another cloud environment
  • Ability to identify and correct performance bottlenecks on a live system
  • Solid understanding of Unix/Linux
  • Understanding of and interest in successful free to play game design and development
  • Curiosity that drives you to continually learn new things


  • Experience with Dropwizard
  • Experience with DynamoDB or other NoSQL datastores at scale