Room Attendant Assistant: Part Time Year Round

Housekeeping New Paltz, New York


 Contributes to the ~physical comfort, emotional well-being and safety of guests through quick response to guests' requests, timely and efficient cleaning and correct sanitation of guest rooms and thorough and timely cleaning of public areas, as well as support for Room Attendants. To assist in all aspects of Housekeeping and Laundry as needed and be responsible for the safety and return of any assigned keys.



  • Assist Room Attendant in preparing and maintaining rooms for guest use, whether occupied-dirty, vacant-dirty or check-outs.
  • Assist Room Attendant by obtaining needed items throughout the day (i.e., clean linen, cleaning supplies, etc.).
  • Assist Room Attendant in filling all guests' requests quickly and efficiently.
  • Assist Room Attendant in reporting any maintenance problems.
  • Assist Room Attendant in reporting or removing, if necessary, any damaged furniture.
  • Assist in the reporting of any missing items in guest rooms or public areas (i.e., furniture, pictures, drapery, etc.).
  • Assist in the removal of trash and linen from Room Attendants' carts.
  • Assist in the delivery of linen to Room Attendants' closets and restocking at the close of the day.
  • Assist in the laundry as needed.
  • Assist in the daily cleaning of assigned hallways as needed (i.e., vacuuming and dusting).
  • Assist Cottage Attendant as needed.
  • Perform detailed cleaning in guest rooms.
  • Ensures proper placement of furniture and window treatments in guest rooms and public areas.
  • Follows established safety procedures and reports all unsafe conditions and practices.

 *Not limited to those listed.



  1. Must be able to work under pressure and maintain composure.
  2. Must be able to stoop, stand, bend, reach, kneel, walk and climb up and down stairs.
  3. Must be able to use hands to grasp, lift and carry up to 30 pounds to move furniture.
  4. Must have good vision to be able to perform detailed cleaning.
  5. Must be able to hear and understand English to fulfill guests' requests.
  6. Must be able to speak in English to respond to guests' inquiries and converse in a pleasant manner.
  7. Must be able to read and write in English to comprehend instructions and complete reports.
  8. Must be able to perform cleaning duties in summer heat.
  9. Must have cleaning experience sufficient to anticipate success.