Dishwasher (Utility Worker): Part Time Year Round

Kitchen New Paltz, New York

Dishwasher-Utility Worker Job Description

Basic Function and Responsibility:
Assure that all kitchen areas and all ware washing is in line with company standards and local health regulations.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Accomplish designated work load for shift.
2. Execute on-line ware-washing during meal period.
3. Ensure all cleaning products are used as effectively as possible. Be aware of
and minimize costs/expenses.
4. Be certain all assigned production is of the best possible quality.
5. Clean and scrutinize station after work shift.
6. Perform other duties as assigned.
7. Maintain proper Kitchen safety procedures.
8. Break down and thoroughly clean station at end of meal periods and end of
9. Set up, operate and clean flight-type dishwashing machine.
10. Provide empty racks as necessary for soiled waste.
11. Soak soiled flatware, place in tubs, wash, separate, and re-wash in stand-up
racks and store.
12. Separate and inspect washed ware; remove and re-wash still soiled ware; store
clean ware as directed.
13. Soak, wash and inspect soiled pots and pans; place on rack as directed; clean
pot sinks.
14. Hose and mop kitchen floors daily; run kitchen floor mats through dish
machine daily.
15. Clean ranges, hoods, ovens, refrigerators, freezers and other kitchen equipment
as directed.
16. Wash kitchen door glass panels.
17. Empty full garbage cans; return clean cans to kitchen and replace plastic liners.

1. Must be able to lift such items as boxes.
2. Must be able to handle hot items with care.
3. Must be able to push a food cart of 200 lbs. up to 75 feet.
4. Must be able to work weekends.
5. Must be able to assist all service staff and company workers in a professional
manner insuring our guest service is in accordance with company standards.
6. Must be able to comprehend and process oral instructions, directions and

1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Must be eligible to work in the US.
3. Must practice clean and neat personal hygiene.
4. Must be able to inspect clean ware and reject unclean ware.
5. Must have a pleasant and polite personality in order to interact with co-
workers and guests.
6. Must be familiar with basic kitchen equipment and machines.