Production Engineering

Production Engineering is an enthralling space at MetricStream which provides diversified arena of opportunities for aspiring professionals. The flexibility and the freedom at Production Engineering (popularly called as PE) provides enormous scope for innovative and transformational creativity at work.

PE offers all the flavors of true product company – It involves development of features, solving customer problems, creating new solutions to customers, working on pre-sales & contractual aspects, product management (to work on customer requirements), Business analysis. PE believes in giving direct customer exposure to every engineer irrespective of hierarchy and years of experience. Customer co-innovation is the hallmark of PE. In other words, at PE, every engineer understands the customer processes, business problems and requirements.

Production Engineering is Mobile and Analytics competency center. iOS, Android and Windows development happens in PE. Visual analytics, customer dashboards, charting, predictive analysis, Big data BI are integral part of PE.

There are systematic learning & training programs for strategic and systematic growth of employees throughout their career.

At PE is a diversified exposure to any engineer, be it a customer engagement, exposure to Service Level Agreements, developing analytics portal, mobility platform, client business reviews, upgrade, expansion and development activities, Production Engineering has the area for you to discover your potential and work on.

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