Sr Technical Engineer

Engineering [US]Computers/Software Palo Alto, California


This person will do three activities once they are here in the US.


  1. Support for US eyes only customers. We have customers like Fannie Mae, who insist on US eyes only. Also, when a P1 production blocker happens during daytime in the US, there is not enough time to wait for Bangalore engineers to wake up, drive to the office, and provide support. So for these situations, we have a small staff of people who provide support in US. For this, we need someone with MetricStream platform knowledge. Getting someone from the market in the US does not work, because we need someone with deep knowledge of the MetricStream platform. The universe of people with this knowledge even in MetricStream is small, maybe 10-15 people who know the platform well enough across all the components to troubleshoot anything.
  2. Work on the cloud first platform. The second job this engineer will have is to work with Norbert and Kiranmoy (our architects in the US) to do POCs, talk to peer companies, attend meet ups and conferences to help architect and implement the next generation of our platform. For that, we need someone who is relatively forward thinking, open to new ideas, as well as articulate, able to interact with peer companies and network. That narrows the first down further. We are down to maybe 4-5 people in MetricStream.
  3. Work on future of GRC with AI/ML. The third job this engineer will have is to work with Vidya and Aswin on GRC labs, where we will invent the future of GRC using AI/ML. That means this engineer also needs to have the experience of working with AI/ML. That narrows it down to precisely one engineer with this overlapping skill-set.
  4. BA/BS Computer Science or related field