Consultant - National NGO Partnership Mapping and Assessment - Nigeria

Programming Abuja, Nigeria Maiduguri, Borno



The Nigeria INGO Forum (NIF) helps coordinate the efforts of its member operations in Nigeria, some of whom are operational in north-east Nigeria. Mercy Corps is currently the host agency of the NIF.

The NIF provides a collective voice for members to elevate humanitarian operational realities and challenges nationally, regionally and internationally. Through strengthening coordination, increasing information sharing and fostering partnerships with all actors, including the Government of Nigeria, United Nations (UN) agencies, national NGOs and donors, the NIF works as the critical link pushing for increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and usage of much needed aid to affected populations.

International NGOs (INGOs), in an effort to promote sustainability and partner with National NGOs (NNGOs)in north-east Nigeria conducted a local actor mapping exercise in July 2016 through the Nigeria INGO Forum (NIF).  Following the mapping of local actors by NIF in 2016, the secretariat rolled out several activities aimed at addressing capacity gaps and fostering partnerships with local actors.

Purpose / Project Description:

Several stakeholders, including mostly INGOs, UN agencies and cooperating agencies have contributed towards partnering and building capacity of local actors.

However, with 160+ NNGOs operating in north-east of Nigeria, the humanitarian community does not have a clear picture of all the different engagements and partnerships which have been entered into by international humanitarian actors and NNGOs in north-east Nigeria. The NIF seeks to hire a consultant to conduct a mapping and assessment of partnerships including funding, trainings and other inputs received by NNGOs.  

The partnership assessment will be useful to measuring international humanitarian actors’ collective commitments towards localisation. Further, the assessment will provide a window to consult with NNGOs on how localisation may be better realized or refocused for critical impact.

The partnership mapping will also identify the extent to which capacity development activities targeted at NNGOs’ have been relevant, effective and sustainable in enabling NNGOs reach the affected populations, and will help inform international humanitarian organizations future partnerships with NNGOs.

Consultant Objectives:

Specifically, the partnership mapping and assessment exercise will include the following objectives:

  • Research to what extent the humanitarian community is walking the talk of partnerships within the context of Grand Bargain localization commitment:
  • who is doing what and where in terms of partnerships with NNGOs.
  • mapping of a variety of partner capacity assessments (PCA) tools and methodologies currently applied by different funders, UN agencies and INGOs in order to vet the suitability of prospective NGOs to receive and manage humanitarian funds in different contexts.
  • review of the respective organizational policies and guidance documents for partnerships and capacity building.
  • review of the partnership models used between international NGOs, UN agencies funders and national humanitarian actors in the north east, in order to identify and inform best practice in partnership models that support localisation in north east.
  • to the extent possible within the study, quantify the contribution of resources towards partnerships by and international humanitarian actors and local partners.
Determine to what extent and for which reasons the capacity development activities with their partners and final beneficiaries have been effectively successful in the context of partnership relations:
  • Assess the impact, limitations and gaps in the current approaches to partnerships, localization and capacity building for NNGOs.
  • What are the key challenges that hinder the localization of humanitarian response in the current humanitarian system and north-east landscape?
  • Assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of the interventions by the international humanitarian actors (international NGOs, UN agencies, donors) with regard to the capacity building of their partners.
  • For indications of the effects and impact of CD and the advantages this has brought for the final beneficiaries.
Identify indications of the effects, impact and the advantages these partnerships bring to the final beneficiaries.

Consultant Activities:

The Consultant will do the following:

Pre- Agreement Meeting:

  • Hold a pre-contract agreement meeting with the NIF to understand project objective, set expectation and review secondary data that may be used in the mapping and assessment.

Main Activities

  • On-line:
  • Develop a web survey targeted at various respondents on partnerships (NNGOs, INGOs, UN, etc.). contacts to be provided by NIF.
  • Secondary data collection of existing information, research and analysis mainly on partnerships in the north east.
  • Design of the partnerships and assessment mapping tool for the purpose of data collection.


  • Field work:
  • Operating of out Maiduguri (Borno State) and Yola (Adamawa) for the purpose of data collection

Consultant Deliverables:

The Consultant will deliver the following:

  • Comprehensive mapping of partnerships by the humanitarian community with NNGOs operating in north-east Nigeria in particular within the humanitarian response and on line survey (To be completed in 13 working days)
  • Presentation of the draft findings and preliminary report to NIF for comments, (To be completed within 3 working days)
  • Final report submission including mapping and assessment delivered on storage device and online. (To be completed within 4 working days).

Timeframe / Schedule:

The consultancy will run for 20 working days; March 4 – 28, 2019.

Consultant Profile:

The consultant will have 5 years of experience working in the humanitarian or development sector in addition to the following:

  • Demonstrate experience in conducting mapping exercises
  • Past work experience with INGOs, NNGOs or UN
  • Commitment to the humanitarian principles
  • Submit proof of available capacity and resources to achieve the deliverables indicated within the specified time frame
  • Financial capability to implement the project with minimal mobilization fee, as subsequent payment will be based on achieved deliverables.


  • Hausa language is an advantage.
  • Experience working in north-east Nigeria or complex emergency contexts an advantage.


  • Tax Clearance Certificate or last 3 years audited financial statement for Nigerian Nationals
  • References to where similar job has been performed

The Consultant will report to:

The Consultant will report to – INGO Forum Director.

The Consultant will work closely with:

The Consultant will work closely with the Government Engagement and Partnerships Manager. The consultant will also be supported by the Mercy Corps’ Procurement / Logistics teams and the Finance Department.