Consultant - Technical Support mission for the integration of the resilience approach

Consultancies Tunis, Tunisia



Launched in March 2018, the "Eco Zen" project aims to create and strengthen financial, non-financial and vocational training initiatives that give young people, women and local communities access to economic and social opportunities. employment in the region of Ain Drahem. The Eco Zen project is funded by the European Union. Specific emphasis will be placed on the integration and active engagement of women in all project activitie

The project "gestion locale des migrations" aims at facilitating dialogue between all local actors to develop planning tools integrating migration issues. The project also aims at supporting the employability of young people. The project operates in four governorates including the governorate of Jendouba. The project is centered on the municipality of Ain Draham. However actions will also be carried out in Jendouba, capital city.

In addition, the project will have a direct impact on the socio-economic integration of young men and women. Project activities will contribute to the creation of businesses, jobs and economic development in the regions concerned.

The action of Mercy Corps is launched in a post-electoral context (municipal elections), the launch of the decentralisation process with strong challenges of structuring local authorities, training and support for administrative teams, multi-stakeholder dialogue and community participation

The economic and territorial resilience approaches adopted by Mercy Corps will engage local stakeholders and communities in participatory diagnoses and projects that contribute to the elaboration of local development plan and facilitate sustainable change in the region.

Overall objectives of the mission

A dialogue platform has been established by the two projects, called the DELE Group.This group is the ideal place for reflection on issues hampering local development. The process initiated by Mercy Corps is a process of local economic resilience that can strengthen the capacity of local actors and communities to change and catalyze innovative and highly leveraged territorial solutions. This process will feed the two projects in terms of orientations and priorities, particularly in terms of economic development and socio-professional integration. It will also feed local development plans in terms of analysis and diagnostic elements. A national consultant in economic development / local development plans process will be recruited to support the ProGreS / Ecozen team to animate this dialogue platform and elaborate action plans for both projects with them. The international consultant will aim to support Mercy Corps teams to integrate the resilience approach into the programs and refine the intervention methodology on both projects. It will support the national consultant to prepare this workshop and carry it to Ain Draham territory and potentially to another locality.

Specific objectives

- Ensure understanding of the resilience approach by the teams and the external consultant and ensure it is adapted it to both projects as a relevant approach to consider suitable and sustainable territorial solutions ;

- Adapting the resilience approach in a participatory evaluation of issues and leverage points to catalyze sustainable economic development processes in the Ain Drahem region;

- The identification of the key points of articulation between the territorial economic and socio-professional resilience plan, which will be accompanied by the two projects and the process of elaboration of the Local Development Plan. Taking into account the specificities of girls and women throughout this process as well as rural communities and people in vulnerable situations throughout this process.

Mission schedule

The total duration of the mission is estimated around 12 days of service which will be distributed according to the following schedule



Activity details


Literature review

Reading key documents of the two projects Eco Zen and Gestion Locale des migrations and understasnding of the approach of each project.

Reading recent key studies around the Jendouba-Ain Drahem region in order to understand the context of intervention.


2 days

(before 24th May 2019)

Facilitation of an internal training-action workshop around the Resilience approach

Facilitation of an internal training-action workshop around the Resilience approach:

-        Integration of the resilience approach in the strategies of two projects.

-        Articulation of the resilience strategy with the local development plan process

-        Preparation of a participatory workshop with local stakeholders.


3 days

(before 15th June 2019)

Support to project teams to take into account the results and recommendations formulated in the participatory workshops in the strategies of the Eco Zen and GLM projects

Support the "Eco Zen" and "GLM" team to integrate the recommendations / relevant tracks identified and take them into account in the project strategy

-        Support the EcoZen and GLM team to finalize the intervention plans in line with the objectives set by each of the projects / plans of territorial resilience

-        Specific support to identify the links between the resilience process and the elaboration of the Local Development Plan.

-        Methodological support for replication in the other intervention areas of the ProGreS project.

5 days (before 10th July 2019)

Elaboration of a mission report

Produce a summary document of the mission and a methodological guidance note to follow to replicate it on other territories

2 days (before 15th July 2019)



- Action plans for each project

- Methodology note for the replication of the process in other areas of the project

 - Final report of the study validated by the team.

Qualifications and level of experience required

- French fluency required

- Confirmed expertise in the development of territorial resilience strategies;

- Expertise in the development of local development policies

- Familiar with approaches to the development of entrepreneurship support services and vocational integration and vocational training schemes;

- Proven experience in supporting local planning processes

How to apply :

Candidates who meet the required profiles can send their application along with a concept note detailing the methodology as well as a financial offer specifying the available. The deadline for application is 15th May 2019.


NB : Financial offer must take into account only the consultant's fees.