Consultant - Software Engineering for Android Flutter App with Firebase ML Kit and Machine Learning Experience - Remote

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Last year in Lagos, Nigeria, the Mercy Corps team had a Hate Speech Hackathon resulting in a mobile app idea to pilot in communities in Nigeria. We have made some progress on the mobile app, the app is in a prototype format, but now we need to add more expertise, and resources to formalize/productize the app to conclude this project for the Technology For Development Portfolio.

Purpose / Project Description:

The purpose of the app is to provide community users (in this case Nigeria) and local experts a place to dialogue and understand contextually relevant hate speech, dangerous speech, and polarizing perspectives. This is an information dissemination project, promoting idea exchange and education of field leaders on the topic of dangerous speech.

Consultant Objectives:

Yafe app is written in Dart, Google’s Flutter framework. Consultant will have expertise in Flutter for Android, and be prepared to work with, or have some familiarity, and most importantly, the passion to build with the following technologies:

  • Dart’s widget framework
  • Firebase(Google’s cloud server)
  • Firebase ML Kit for text analysis – using a web scraping tool to pull text from the app and process within the ML Kit.
  • Firebase ML Image API – Test out looking for hate speech masked within image files
  • Google’s Perspective APIs – AI libraries used to promote positive web interactions, more specifically, we’d like to use the comments analyzer API -
  • Google Analytics and Crashlytics dashboards

Consultant Activities:

The Consultant will:

  • Sync daily with the team on development updates, issues, priorities
  • Deliver code in a timely fashion
  • Ask questions and work collaboratively with other team members

Consultant Deliverables:

The Consultant will:

  • Create a machine learning repository in Firebase
  • Use an open source dictionary to help initially define hate speech or dangerous speech relative to Nigeria – English/Hausa
  • English language is the main priority, Hausa is the second priority
  • Provide feedback to users via Perspective API
  • Update the dictionary with user identified key words, phrases
  • Provide app ui/ux notification of addition of key words, or identified hate speech/dangerous speech
  • Assist in bug fixing and app professionalization

Timeframe / Schedule: 

App deliverables & schedule to be completed in agreement with team input, as determined by dev/design/product.

The Consultant will report to:

T4D Digital Technical Project Manager or T4D Senior Advisor

Required Experience & Skills:

Mercy Corps standard is 5-10 years of relevant experience for consultants