Consultant – Women Pathways to Leadership Study – Myanmar

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Project/Consultancy Title:

Consultant – Women Pathways to Leadership Study – Myanmar

Project Location(s): Menaka Ngapudaw, Thabaung, Kyangin, Danubyu, Ingapuo, Lenyethna, Padaung, Hsesi, Maukmai, Mounghet, Namshan, and Tanithary Townships. 


Mercy Corps has been working with the Government of Myanmar’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation since November 2013 in the implementation of the National Community Driven Development program (NCDDP). The program, funded by the World Bank and the Government of Myanmar, aims to provide support and capacity building for poor rural communities to improve their local infrastructure using a people-centered approach and to enhance the government’s capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency. This approach is meant to empower villagers to manage and participate in their own development.


Purpose / Project Description:

Mercy Corps seeks a consultant to evaluate the quality of women’s’ participation in local village development committees and the value add of women’s leadership and participation where it is happening in Mercy Corps’ NCDDP led Townships. The study should have a special focus on the quality of women participation and if the participation in these structures is contributing to women’s pathway to leadership.


Consultant Activities:

The Consultant will:

  • Conduct desk research and review all relevant documents for the study
  • Develop study design which includes survey methodology and the data collection tools (questionnaires; focus group guides, interview protocol, etc.) as appropriate, including a field manual for training, in consultation with the study team, reflect MC feedback on the methodology
  • Design forms, data entry template, procedures and systems, and training of entry clerks in the use of the template,
  • Develop the field work schedule in consultation with the study team
  • Conduct training for the data collectors during field visits phase, finalize the study schedule
  • Supervise the data collection process, give advice and ensure the quality of the data
  • Conduct interviews (KII) with key project staff, Focus Group discussions (FGDs)/community survey with beneficiary communities, as well as key informant interviews with State and Township DRD officials, political leaders, Village Administrators and CSOs leaders.
  • Data analysis and report writing. Draft the first report and include MC feedback and finalize the report.
  • Provide required data that is completed and labelled in English (variables and values) for both the SPSS (or the analysis software used) and Microsoft file formats.
  • Provide daily field briefing to the Program Director or designate on the progress and any challenges from the field.


Consultant Deliverables:

The Consultant will develop the following deliverables:

  • An inception report detailing the approach and methodology to be used and sample size calculations, a detailed execution plan, data-collection tools.
  • Draft report submitted to Mercy Corps within an agreed timeline between Mercy Corps and the Consultant (soft-copy)
  • A presentation of the key findings and recommendations to Mercy Corps and other stakeholders in Yangon (this is optional depending on if the consultant chooses to remain in country during report write up, however, consultants able to complete this deliverable will be preferred. Either way, an online presentation will be required to be made to MC).
  • Collected data after analysis submitted to Mercy Corps alongside the final report.
  • Final report (soft copy) and 3 hard copies submitted to Mercy Corps Program Director, Peace and Governance


Timeframe / Schedule: 

The anticipated length of this consultancy is approximately 30 days beginning in April of 2017, including approximately 24 days in Mali. A final timeline will be developed in consultation with Mercy Corps at the beginning of the consultancy to establish deadlines for submission of the deliverables.


Consultant Background:

  • Strong and documented experience in conducting participatory quantitative and qualitative studies related to gender, governance, and/or community driven development projects
  • Demonstrated experience in leading at least three similar studies
  • At least 5 years’ experience in conducting research work for complex projects such as gender in transitional environments, governance, infrastructure development and livelihoods.
  • Demonstrated experience leading research teams.
  • Demonstrated experience in training local staff in quantitative and qualitative data collection tools including entry template
  • Demonstrated experience in designing survey methodology, data collection tools, processing and analysis of data.
  • Ability to interact with host government, partners and/or others;
  • Strong organizational, analytical and reporting skills, presentation skills, attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, and proficiency in Microsoft Office and qualitative and quantity data analysis software/tools.
  • Previous experience in a fragile environment with tight security context will be preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English required.


The Consultant will report to:

Program Director—Peace and Governance.


The Consultant will work closely with:

Mercy Corps Myanmar Country Director, The International CDD experts, CDD National Program Advisors (NPS) as well as community representatives and beneficiaries.


To apply:

Individuals or institutions interested in applying for this consultancy must submit materials to Mercy Corps by Thursday, January 10, 2019. They are requested to include in their application the following documents: CV, proposed methodology, information on the proposed consultancy rate.