Innovation Partner/VP Account Management

Executive Management Washington, District Of Columbia


First, why Medullan?

 Market overview: Healthcare, a $4T/year spend, is the new frontier of technology and business transformation. Legislative mandates are causing some of the largest and most influential companies in the world to rethink their business models. The world’s most innovative technology companies are building wearable devices and smart phone technology to generate and collect data. To make that data useful, highly interactive web and mobile applications are being created to engage people, understand their behavior and educate and motivate them to make good decisions. That’s where we come in.


Our Company: Medullan assists healthcare companies with their digital strategy and then designs, and develops innovative web, mobile, and multi-channel solutions. These people centered solutions are used, for example, to increase member or customer engagement, expand direct-to-consumer offerings, promote wellness and disease management, and raise healthcare quality and cost transparency. Our goal is to improve our customers' ability to serve their customers, and increase revenue and profitability.


We work across the healthcare spectrum: Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Payers, Providers and Services. Our customers’ customer base approaches 100 million. We’ve doubled in size to almost 100 people since 11/15. After years as a Strategy/UX/Technology innovation consulting firm, we announced our first products (analytics platforms) this year.


Now, why You?

The Innovation Partner/VP Account Management is a General Manager position within Medullan; owning the success and driving growth of a segment (vertical or geography) of our business. Highly strategic, executive level partnerships. The initial focus on this role will be Payers, Health IT Services and mid-Atlantic Region. The Innovation Partner plays four critical roles in the delivery of our work:

  1. Working with Sales and Marketing to close multi-million dollar accounts
    2. Heading up a multi-disciplinary team to meet, and exceed, client expectations, on-budget, on-time and on-margin and with glowing feedback
    3. Maintaining and growing business within key accounts
    4. Serving as an example and ambassador of our Values, Purpose and Vision.



 Sales Support 
- Being a key contributor to the pre-sales engagement architecture
- Drafting and delivering pitches and proposals
- Strategic sales planning for assigned accounts

 Marketing support: 
- Authoring and presenting white papers, social media posts, and webcasts
- Generating, reviewing and executing industry presentations and panels (participant / moderator)
- Authoring and/or reviewing of collateral harvested from completed engagements
- Participating in designing, planning and execution of company’s overall marketing programs

- Managing delivery engagements from “concept to concrete results”; facilitates cross-functional coordination across User Experience, Digital Strategy, Software Development, and Program Management to provide truly “integrated” innovation in a lean, agile format
- Planning, facilitating and participating in key client-facing and internal workshops
- Leading, authoring and reviewing strategic deliverables that include: roadmaps, competitive analysis, and screening criteria for pipeline management
- Reviewing project plans, workshop plans, and deliverables including: designs, roadmaps, processes, governance models, and software/demos/architecture maps
- Navigating organizational politics, facilitates building consensus and the “trusted advisor” relationship with client stakeholders; attends and presents at executive checkpoints
- Serving as a mentor for delivery leads (and other delivery folk as well)
- Being ultimately responsible for the financial health of each assigned account with a focus on setting and maintaining expectations around gross margin and erosion
- Striking and closing partnerships with other [incumbent or candidate] vendors for broader footprint

 Company Building: 
- Cross functional capability gap analysis
- Providing internal thought leadership on health care and opportunities for Medullan to differentiate
- Internal delivery training of Managers, Directors (and Innovation Consultants in the future)
- Contributing to Medullan methodology, templates, tools, and internal collateral
- Contributing to culture and community
- Participating in recruiting of Manager/Director-level Colleagues and above
- Participating in product development activities


- Minimum 10 years of client management and delivery experience in a services context with gross margin, erosion, and colleague satisfaction accountability, preferably with million dollar plus accounts
- Medium to deep experience of our portfolio components: Strategy, Technology, User Experience & Design, and Project/Program Management is a must
- Major points for health care (payors, providers, pharma, life sciences, wellness) experience
- Business Development/Sales and Marketing prowess
- Product development and marketing exposure would also be tragically cool
- High traffic, interactive web and mobile solutions is a big plus
- Business school degree is desirable but not necessary