Open Positions

Application Development

Cloud Application Architect Chicago, Illinois
Cloud Application Engineer Chicago, Illinois
Data Lead
2 Locations
Data Specialist/ Sr Data Specialist
2 Locations
Java Developer Chicago, Illinois
QA Lead - Automation Gurgaon, India
SE/SSE- .Net Full Stack Developer
2 Locations
SE/SSE- Full Stack Java Developer
2 Locations
Senior Software Engineer - QA Automation Gurgaon, India
Senior Software Engineer - QA Automation Gurgaon, India
Senior Software Engineer - QA Automation Gurgaon, India
SSE- Full Stack Java
2 Locations
Tech Specialist / Sr. Tech Specialist- Full Stack Java Developer Gurgaon, India
Tech Specialist/Sr.Tech Specialist - Full Stack Java
2 Locations


Client Success Manager
2 Locations


Change Management Lead
2 Locations
Change Management Specialist Chicago, Illinois
G Suite Deployment Lead Chicago, Illinois
G Suite Deployment Specialist Chicago, Illinois
Google Deployment Lead
2 Locations


Senior Accountant Chicago, Illinois

Data Analytics

Cloud Data Architect Chicago, Illinois
Cloud Data Engineer Chicago, Illinois
Data Analytics Delivery Lead Chicago, Illinois

Data Science

Data Science Manager Gurgaon, India
Senior Data Scientist Chicago, Illinois


Cloud Infrastructure Architect
2 Locations
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
2 Locations
DevOps Architect
2 Locations
DevOps Engineer
3 Locations
GCP Infra Lead/Analyst
2 Locations
Product Support Lead
2 Locations
Product Support Specialist
2 Locations


Engagement Lead Chicago, Illinois
Healthcare Consulting Lead Chicago, Illinois
Management Consultant Chicago, Illinois


Channel Support Specialist Chicago, Illinois
Order Management Specialist
2 Locations
Presales Apps&Data Solution Engineer Chicago, Illinois
Presales Healthcare Solutions Engineer Chicago, Illinois
Reporting Specialist
2 Locations
Sales Operations Specialist Chicago, Illinois

Technology and Solutions

Solution Architect Chicago, Illinois

User Experience Design

Specialist/ Sr Specialist- Visual Designer Gurgaon, India

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