Network Systems Engineer

Information Technology - Systems, SAP Fremont, California


Job Description: 

  • Network architecture & design
  • Windows systems Administration Global Domain Administrator
  • Active Directory 
  • Domain controllers
  • Access Control Server
  • Network Protection Server
  • DMZ and Firewall design & Operation
  • Configure Firewalls, routers and Switches
  • Core, edge and distribution layer redesign
  • Global network design 
  • Work with the IT manager to bring all sites with-in global design 
  • Design multi-layer VPN infrastructure to back up the network and provide remote access services
  • Work with IPS and IDS to secure infrastructure 
  • Internal intranet and extranet design and deployment
  • Helpdesk automation  

Skills Required:
  • CCNA or equivalent
  • Strong communication skills 
  • 5 yrs hands on experience of systems and network administration and
  • Experience dealing with multiple cultures
  • Experience with Data Center moves.
  • Ability to work with almost no supervision
  • Ability to work on multiple projects concurrently
  • Strong project management skills

Environmental, Health & Safety Requirements:

  • Successful completion of required Safety training.
  • Ensure equipment and machines are maintained in safe operating condition.
  • Report to the Safety Officer any unsafe or unhealthy condition which cannot be corrected.
  • Follow all safety and health regulations and work practices, including personal protective equipment where applicable.