Sr. Member of Technical Staff

Engineering - Software, R&D, Technology Fremont, California


Serve as a technical leader to improve plasma source chamber technology in Plasma Product Group. Develops new or modified equipment requirements and specifications, and reviews processing techniques and methods of evaluation of products using simulation or design change. Involvement at any step from pilot plant to full-scale manufacturing.  Involving projects involving definition and selection of new concepts, equipment technology, and approaches new or improved processes.  


Coordinates design requirement review with appropriate engineering/scientific personnel to ensure compatibility of processing methods.

Compiles and evaluates test data to determine appropriate limits and variables for process or material specifications.

Lead group effort into plasma and chamber scale simulation need to improve chamber development efficiency and provide theoretical data to explain the tool fundamental function for development and marketing purpose.  

Skills required

·         BS/MS/Ph.D in chemistry, physics, or engineering

·         + 12/+10/+ 7 years industry experience