Systems Engineer Staff

Engineering - Software, R&D, Technology Fremont, California


The successful applicant will participate in the development and characterization of plasma etch and strip large scale industrial equipment.

This includes complex RF reactors, robotics, wafer transport and process gas distribution systems. Associated system level hardware including field buses (etherCAT, device net, etc...), software, measurement instrumentation, temperature control and thermal management.

This is a hands-on engineering position requiring a strong knowledge of equipment architecture, experimental lab work and data analysis


  • Prepare, execute and analyze experiments to characterize and understand the behavior of RF systems in complex plasma reactors.
  • Study the effects of plasma reactor hardware and electrical components on the effects of stable plasma.
  • Generate excellent documentation on these experiments for internal review. Where appropriate, this position may also include publishing scientific literature and/or intellectual property.
  • Propose/Characterize new designs for
    • RF plasma reactor components
    • Wafer handling
    • Gas distribution
    • Field buses
    • Safety controls
  • Work with other functional groups to translate proposals into working concepts and prove commercial feasibility. This may also involve some degree of project management.

Job Specific Knowledge:

  • Required: A high understanding of RF systems and there interaction with: reactor chamber, electrostatic chuck, source components, process gases, high vacuum, reactor process components, RF transmission cabling, thermal effects of plasma on hardware and magnetic fields.
  • Required: Expertise with a wide range of test equipment including RF Power Meters, Frequency Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, DMM’s and Oscilloscope’s. Test and troubleshoot systems, devices, processes and/or test set-ups to locate and repair defective area(s). This includes analog, digital and RF circuits.

Skills and requirements:

  • Demonstrated theoretical hands-on developmental experience in a technical environment
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or 5 to 10 years equivalent experience.
  • Excellent documentation and communications skill.
  • This position requires generation of technical reports and presentations for internal or external review.
  • Must be able to quickly build/assemble sophisticated experimental apparatuses containing data acquisition and/or automated processing. Experience with relevant software (DASYLab, Labview, Igor Pro, Matlab or similar) is a plus.
  • Must be able to work independently under deadline pressure in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Must be able to work safely in a laboratory environment containing high-energy machinery and hazardous gases.
  • Must be able to travel outside the US.
  • Any additional responsiblities assigned

Environmental, Health & Safety Requirements:

·         Successful completion of required Safety training.

·         Ensure equipment and machines are maintained in safe operating condition.

·         Report to the Safety Officer any unsafe or unhealthy condition which cannot be corrected.

·         Follow all safety and health regulations and work practices, including personal protective equipment where applicable.