Process Engineer 2 - Etch

Engineering - Software, R&D, Technology Fremont, California


Develop new hardware, systems, and processes, which are not simple extrapolations or modifications of existing processes and hardware, often from scratch, with no obvious starting point, while considering the importance of the production-worthiness and transfer-ability of the new technology.


  • Invent new hardware and processes
  • Manage development projects
  • Data reduction and analysis
  • Operate equipment
  • Process and measure semiconductor wafers
  • Publish results internally and externally
  • Keep current with the literature
  • Work closely with marketing to understand new technology trends
  • Travel to customer sites for transfer of technology
Skills and Requirements:
  • BS in chemistry, physics, and engineering
  • 3+ years industry experience

Environmental, Health & Safety Requirements:

  • Successful completion of required Safety training.
  • Ensure equipment and machines are maintained in safe operating condition.
  • Report to the Safety Officer any unsafe or unhealthy condition which cannot be corrected.
  • Follow all safety and health regulations and work practices, including personal protective equipment where applicable.