Match Corps 2020-2021 [Immediate Openings]

Match Corps Opportunities Boston, Massachusetts



The Match Charter Public School is a nationally recognized, high-performing school that serves low-income students in Boston. The school has three campuses: Match Community Day, Match Middle School and Match High School, cumulatively serving grades Pre-K through 12. Our mission is to prepare ALL of our students to succeed in college and beyond. Many of our students arrive at our school several grade levels behind. We believe that with great teachers, tutors and staff, as well as quality instruction and uncompromising expectations, these students can and will succeed. Our work is done through a combination of innovation, drive and an emphasis on relationship building with students and their families.

You can learn more about our students and families here.


The Match Corps is a one-year education fellowship where members serve as full-time tutors and mentors at our middle or high school campus. Throughout the school day, they function as full-time math tutors to small groups of students, working to close the learning gaps for their students and support their accelerated growth. By working with the same small groups every day,
Corps members are able to build strong, genuine relationships with their students and differentiate learning for them in dynamic ways while providing individualized support as mentors. They also build ongoing relationships with students’ families through weekly communication and interactions.

Corps members also play an integral role in the daily functioning of our school. In addition to tutoring, Corps members have the opportunity to serve alongside school leaders, staff and teachers as teaching assistants or administrative assistants to further contribute to the school community and learn more about the inner workings of a school.

Match Corps members come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Some of our Corps members are looking to teach in an urban setting long term, but many are not. Many of our tutors join because they are searching for a service year experience—either because they are taking a gap year before graduate or professional school and want to do something meaningful for a year, are interested in exploring a career in non-profits or education policy, or are simply passionate about social justice. No matter their long-term career objectives or previous background, they all have the common goal of making a meaningful impact on today’s youth.


  • $17,000 living allowance (representing the pre-tax amount)
  • Loan forbearance on qualified loans
  • Segal Education Award from the National Service Trust (valued at $6,095 in 2019-2020), applicable toward eligible post-secondary institution costs and qualified student loans
  • Health insurance and retirement benefits
  • Subsidized housing with other Corps members (optional and offered on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Ongoing professional development and support with post-Match Corps transition
  • Experience at a nationally recognized organization
  • Bachelor’s degree (all majors accepted)
  • U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident status
  • Dedicated to constantly improving
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Relentless work ethic
  • Committed to spending a year working with students in an exciting, fast-paced school setting
  • Previous experience working with urban youth preferred, but not required

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier candidates apply, the more likely they are to secure a position at Match in their ideal grade range.

This role is based at either Match Middle School (at 215 Forest Hills St.) or Match High School (1001 Commonwealth Ave.) in Boston, MA.

You may only apply to Math Corps or Match Teacher Residency one time per program year. Click "Apply Now" to apply for the Match Corps Program.

The Match Foundation, Inc., The Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education, Inc., and Match Charter Public School prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, religion, veteran status, and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law in any aspect of the access to, admission, or treatment of students in its programs and activities, or in employment and application for employment..

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