Senior Developer

Technology Consulting San Francisco, California



Design, develop, and maintain applications to address business and technical use cases. Build and train chatbot using Salesforce Einstein Bot builder and customize using javascript, JQuery and Salesforce APEX. Build an endpoint using Java for ML model which vectorizes Jobs records and stores them in ElasticSearch. Build an AWS Beanstalk Worker in GoLang to match user with JobOrders based on skills, location using Machine Learning model. Design and develop Scalable Python application which integrates with Salesforce Marketing cloud for email marketing campaign. Process large datasets using Spark and optimizing the performance of jobs using an end to end benchmark test which includes setting up different configurations and leveraging Spark Speculation which identifies and reschedules slow running tasks. Gathering business requirements for use in coding and design. Understand the business requirements and verify with the BSAs. Design the architecture that best aligns with the business needs. Troubleshooting and triaging issues with different teams to drive towards root cause identification and resolution. Troubleshoot/Debug the application using application logs to find the root cause to fix the issues. Setup the environment on local machine to debug/triage issue effectively. Discuss the potential solution with the team to make sure the solution does not cause other issues. Unit testing the application. Create/develop unit test cases to get 100% code coverage. Use JUnit, Mockito frameworks to test Java application. Build Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Pipeline which triggers build on new code check in. This position requires travel to unanticipated worksites within the U.S.

Required Experience: Master’s in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field (or foreign equivalent), plus 1 year of experience in the job offered or a related occupation.

Requires 1 year of exposure/familiarity with (can be gained through experience, education, training and/or knowledge) each of the following: Java; Hibernate; SQL; Hadoop; Python; Salesforce APEX; Apache Pig; and Shell Scripting.

Employment and background checks may be required.