Senior Software Engineer - Python

Information Technology Seattle, Washington


Logic20/20 is looking for self-motivated and passionate software developers to join our client’s team to continue helping build a first class, global, customer experience.

We are building innovative solutions to complex telemetry problems resulting in efficient synthetic user automation, real-user metric ingestion, environment and system monitoring, and the tooling for bringing it all together to make sense of the data. We primarily use open source tools like Grafana, Sitespeed, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Web Driver Agent, etc. to geek out about telemetry as a first-class citizen to our client’s products and services.

We need self-starters that can jump into any project, get a grip on exactly what's going on, own it, and influence the direction for the best possible outcomes. We operate more like a start-up within a large corporation and we've submitted dozens of patents.  We often work in teams of 4-5 and are releasing up to seven times a day.  Lots to do and tons of great tech to get your hands on. Lots to do and tons of great tech to get your hands on and a good deal of autonomy to work with the team in choosing the tech, sprint and timing cycles, while you demo to other groups.  Good fun.

Here's where you come in:

You will daily dig into new technologies, processes, or paradigms that can further our data science and automation charter for both our own team projects or our partners' projects. Most of the software is written in Python or Go, and you might have more experience or interest in some other language--but you are able to figure it out and quickly get up to speed with good programming practices. You have probably given several presentations promoting some software and on our team, occasionally, we will present some ideology or practical tool and the way we use it to our entire organization.

We generally work hard, support each other, define our own work, and go home satisfied. We keep up with the latest technologies, tools, and tricks of the trade.

Required skills:

  • Python
  • Linux, SSL, Docker, K8s, Jenkins/Drone
  • Some Android/iOS dev

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Investigate, build, and evaluate new technologies and services
  • Take ownership partner-facing services and tools
  • Implement build pipeline workflows with Drone and Ansible
  • Implement Kubernetes with cxlab tech stacks
  • Address outstanding security tasks
  • source code repository clean-up, automate Let’s Encrypt cert renewals, correct Ansible deployment strategies
  • Automate common repeated tasks
  • Coordinate and configure alarming with internal partners, operations centers

About Logic20/20. . . 

Logic20/20 is one of Seattle’s fastest growing full-service consulting firms. Our core competency is creating simplicity and efficiency in complex solutions. Although we make it look like magic, we succeed by combining methodical and structured approaches with our substantial experience to design elegant solutions for even the most intricate challenges.  Our rapid growth is in response to our ability to deliver consistently for our clients, which is directly related to the quality of the people we hire. 

The past three years, we’ve been in the top 10 “Best Companies to Work For” ….. why? Our team members are highly self-motivated, comfortable conceiving strategies on the fly, and enjoy working both individually and as part of a team.  Our environment is very high-energy and demanding, and individuals with remarkable enthusiasm and a can-do attitude are joining our team.  We have lots of fun, focus on our employees and our clients, and work to bring our best to every opportunity.