Systems Engineer

Engineering San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Remote, United States


Linden Lab build places where anyone can create virtual worlds. Our team builds and maintains the production infrastructure upon which our virtual world platforms reside.  We’re an almost maniacally collaborative bunch who work together to solve hard problems around creating, deploying, and maintaining large scale systems and services.

What you’ll do:

  • Design and implement systems and software to help solve operational issues with an eye towards fast solutions that scale.
  • Be responsible for developing and supporting infrastructure built in the cloud (primarily AWS) from design through production.
  • Act as a technical resource to the rest of engineering.
  • Implement tools to support a variety of tasks, from third-party integrations to custom deployments.

What you’ll need

  • Excellent knowledge of instance management, provisioning and software deployments
  • Solid understanding of networking and core internet protocols.
  • Firm grasp of engineering principles and project management
  • Have experience operating, troubleshooting, and performing analysis on scale-out services in AWS, including CloudFormation, Route53, RDS, and ECS
  • Experience with different databases, including SQL and various data stores
  • Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related degree and/or relevant experience.

What we use and teach:

  • Python, Golang, Node.js, gcc, bash
  • RDS, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Docker, AWS

What we like and are interested in:

  • We love the business impact of technologies. After starting our questions with “What if we…,” we want to end our spiel with “What we can expect is…” and we help our peers connect the dots.
  • Automation.  And more automation.  We REALLY like automation. We get excited by HA and HS.
  • Continuous Delivery/Deployment as A Thing
  • Building production systems that absorb insane amounts of load like a boss