Development Engineer, Second Life

Engineering San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Remote, United States


What you’ll do:

  • Improve Second Life - the most successful Virtual World ever and a massive distributed system with thousands of servers and tens of thousands of concurrent users
  • Work with graphics, sound, animation, physics engines, networking, real-time applications, massive databases and script languages
  • Analyze existing systems for both problem resolution and new feature development
  • Architect and build new systems
  • Write and deploy highly performant, reliable, and scalable code
  • Collaborate with other engineers in an iterative, agile development environment with a focus on improving the Second Life experience
  • Participate in design and code reviews and discussions

What you’ll need:

  • A high degree of proficiency in C++
  • Experience authoring high-performance distributed code
  • The ability and willingness to dig into a large existing codebase and understand how it works, and to set and achieve moderate refactoring goals.
  • Results-oriented attitude and dedication to the user experience

Bonus points:

  • Deep familiarity with and enthusiasm for Second Life
  • Previous experience with OpenGL
  • Previous experience with Havok
  • Previous experience with Mac and/or Linux development
  • Previous experience with Python
  • Experience with collaborative development using Mercurial or Git
  • Experience with profiling tools.
  • Ability to master a development environment that is comprised of many different languages, packages, tools and scripts