Sales Training Specialist

Human Resources West Chester, Ohio


Sales Training Specialist


As a sales training specialist, you will serve the role of teacher, mentor, and one-on-one coach to our brokerage sales trainees and be directly responsible for teaching the Kingsgate culture to all new employees.  The trainer will be the closest contact with the employee during their first six months and will serve as a role model for Kingsgate values and take a sincere interest in helping the employee on the pathway to success.  This strategic position will report directly to the broker manager.


  • Administer, organize, and conduct training program for all new hires.  
  • Prepares and distributes training aids such as instructional material and training manuals.
  • Writes materials for new training program; reviews, evaluates, and modifies existing and proposed programs, and recommends appropriate changes. 
  • Provide one-on-one training with new employees on all functions of dispatch and brokerage operations including Kingsgate software and transportation management system. Communicate with dispatch manager to identify specific duties of new hire during dispatch training. 
  • Review weekly progress with employee on dispatch and brokerage training manual and provide feedback.
  • Facilitate communication with sales manager on the progress of all employees participating in the training program through weekly meetings. Confer with sales manager to determine training needs as to type, extent and scope, schedules and procedures.
  • Develop expert knowledge on all facets of Kingsgate CRM and facilitate classroom style CRM training to new hires.   Be the CRM ‘go to’ for both new hires and existing brokers and manage all aspects of CRM development.
  • Maintain and develop relationships with current brokers to help identify where trainees will best be served during the brokerage training process.
  • Possess an interest and knowledge of brokerage operations, long term outlook, company strategies, and overall business so that you can serve as a conduit of knowledge between existing brokers and trainees.
  • Develop and review weekly margin goals with new brokers as they complete training and ensure that trainees have complete understanding of brokerage performance metrics.
  • Maintain long term interest in the career path of all trainees after they finish training.
  • Demonstrate a ‘teamwork rules’ attitude with brokers and trainees and facilitate a supportive and                professional environment for all employees.
  • Schedules the appropriate classroom and prepares the physical setup if required.
  • Other duties as assigned by sales manager and VP of logistics.
  • Regular attendance and must be present at the office during work hours


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience with at least two (2) years related experience.

At least two years of logistics sales experience

Preferred virtual training experience