Senior Industrial Designer (Onsite Services)

Industrial Design Indianapolis, Indiana

Core Job Responsibilities:

    • Lead industrial design activities across a variety of system touchpoints and assemblies
    • Create design solutions that balance visual appeal and usability with performance and manufacturability
    • Create sketches, storyboards, 3D CAD models and renders to communicate design ideas to both internal and external stakeholders
    • Partner closely with our engineering team to guide industrial design across development phases and ensure that the vision is retained through production
    • Generate prototypes ranging from hacky mockups to high-fidelity 3D models to support user testing and design reviews
    • Serve as a right hand to the Industrial Design Advisor.

Required Knowledge/Skills, Education, And Experience:
  • 5-10 years of experience as an industrial designer or product designer, either in-house or in agency
  • Strong portfolio showing work across all phases of product development. We're looking for experience with durable goods (healthcare, automotive, consumer products, etc.) and a strong affinity for human factors and ergonomics. Please make sure to include and highlight these areas in your portfolio.
  • Expert in a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques
  • Expert 3D modelling and rendering skills 
  • Strong understanding of human factors
  • Solid sketching and visual design skills
  • Good project management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Preferred Experience:
  • Prior experience designing medical devices or pharmaceutical devices. 
  • Prior experience with products that are safety-critical.