Program Manager

Project/Program Management Dayton, Ohio


Performance shall include:

  • Provide day to day management oversight of site EST instructors/administrative staff ensuring compliance with all aspects of the Expeditionary Field Skills Training.
  • Provide directions and coordination for preparing, training, and equipping Air Force personnel to respond to, recover from, and operate in full spectrum of physical threats during chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) attacks
  • Provide technical knowledge and hands on instruction using government provided training guidance and equipment to expand the knowledge base of EST students on expeditionary CBRNE, SABC, and Small Arms and Light Weapons Handling combat airman tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Evaluate and quantify EST Instructor’s review and assessment of EST students CBRNE, SABC, Small Arms and Light Weapons Handling Go/No Go performance of combat airman tactics, techniques and procedures during field training execution and activities
  • Review, validated and approve EST expeditionary equipment requirements and acquisition plans; for sustainment of all on site CBRNE, SABC, Small Arms and Light Weapons Handling expeditionary training assets
  • Provide a detailed report of the installation EST training status to the 88 ABW/CC on a monthly basis. (Include information related to the courses offered, frequency, and number of individuals trained).
  • IAW AFMAN 32-1001, Civil Engineering Operations Management, and WPAFB Pamphlet 32-2, Civil Engineering Facility Management provide overall management oversight 88 ABW Warrior Training Center Site (Personnel, facilities, equipment, security, etc.
  • Deliver oversight management in development and facilitation exercise scenarios to meet 88th ABW and W-P overall readiness and specific unit objectives

 Required Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of AF expeditionary skill functions, roles, and war mobilization planning/training
  • AF site/facility management experience
  • Minimum of 3 to 5 years Site/Facility Management experience
  • Extensive experience with the DoD, AF, and joint service expeditionary contingencies and combat/contingency skills training program
  • Self-starter, independent thinker and highly motivated
  • Ability to manage, integrate and work well with others
  • Ability to produce well thought-out and accurate written reports

 Security Clearance:



  • Deployed or worked downrange in a deployed theater in support of Oversees Contingency Operations