Red Cell Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analysis Ft. Belvoir, Virginia


The Red Cell Analyst is responsible for the overall conduct and management of specific vulnerability assessments, to include gathering information based on program objectives, identifying gaps in information gathering, and prioritizing courses of action pertaining to the assessment. The Red Cell Analyst provides assessment data to the White Cell Lead ensuring all statutory and regulatory requirements and other administrative directives are met. The Red Cell Analyst is responsible for researching, reviewing, editing, planning, preparing, integrating and publishing all-source studies, plans, and/or products relating to specific programs. The Red Cell Analyst will perform the duties as the core subject matter expert (SME) in intelligence analysis and production in a variety of complex data topics related to various threats to national security.


Responsibilities/Tasks - The Red Cell Analyst shall:

  • Research the structure, ideology, intentions, tactics, and capabilities of adversarial organizations to develop threat characterization.
  • Identify information requirements, develop assessment strategies and collection plans, identify information sources, and develop and conduct Open Source research, analysis, and fusion of relevant information to emulate adversarial planning capabilities.
  • Characterize systems and conduct nodal analysis, identify essential functions/tasks and critical assets necessary to perform them as determined by the assessment program plan.
  • Facilitate timely information management flow from DoD Red Team partners and other entities supporting DoD Red Team operations.
  • Develop courses of action an adversary may employ against customer personnel, equipment, facilities, networks, information and information systems, infrastructure, and supply chains. Identify critical nodes/links or other targets and the effects of other environmental characteristics on course of action development.
  • Support field assessments from an adversary perspective.
  • Synthesize findings to support vulnerability identification, course of action development, protection studies, trend analyses, risk analysis, and mitigation strategies.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the implications of vulnerabilities discovered by the other specialists and fuse those findings with the systems analysis and determine impacts to the national and military missions they support.
  • Prepare activity reports including out briefs, Senior Leader briefs, Interim progress reports and briefs, white papers, After Action Reviews, Final Reports, Risk Analysis reports, and other documents necessary to convey assessment findings to customers, partners, and other stakeholders.


Required Skills/Qualifications:

  • Proficient in understanding, analyzing and summarizing comprehensive and complex technical, contractual, and research information/data.
  • Demonstrated expertise performing information/data collection, analysis, and fusion.
  • Excellent analytical, communications-both oral and written, and project management experience.

 Desired Skills/Qualifications:

  • Subject matter expertise in one or more of the following areas: All Source Analyst; Information Operations/CI Analyst; Geo-Spatial Analyst; Network Analyst (Physical); Threat/Target Analysis; Cyber Analyst (Logical); Insider Threat Analyst; Social Media/Big Data/Deep (Dark) Web Analyst.
  • Experience providing analytical support to one or more special operations forces (SOF) units or commands is strongly desired.
  • Tactical or operational level experience operating in a deployed environment is strongly desired.

Required Clearance:

  • A Top Secret clearance with current SCI eligibility.