Base Chief Pilot

Crew Indianapolis, Indiana



The Base Chief Pilot is responsible for managing all aircraft, crewmembers, and maintenance personnel for the base. During operations conducted under 14 CFR Part 135, crewmembers and maintenance personnel report to the Director of Operations, the Director of Maintenance, or the Chief Pilot, as applicable, for compliance with all Company policies and procedures. 

The Base Chief Pilot reports to the System Chief Pilot on all matters involving assigned management contracts and personnel. During routine matters relating to Flight Operations, Maintenance Operations, Administration or Accounting, the Base Chief Pilot may communicate directly with the applicable Jet Linx representative as required. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  1. Supervises flight crew activity at the local domicile on behalf of System Chief Pilot. 
  2. Coordinates with the Flight Coordination Department on the scheduling of local aircraft, pilot availability and flight execution. 
  3. Coordinates with System Chief Pilot to ensure pilot training and currency requirements are met, and to schedule aircrew training. 
  4. Maintains necessary local aircraft and navigational publications at their respective aircraft base in accordance with FAA Regulations, and Company Manuals. 
  5. Maintains the status of local assigned aircraft and essential information on local base pilots. 
  6. Ensures with the Flight Coordinator that local crews meet all duty time and rest requirements, and training requirements set under CFR Part 135 regulations for the type of aircraft and operation to which the crew is assigned. 
  7. Ensures assigned aircrews to coordinate with the Flight Followers, and that they also submit required paperwork in a timely manner including (but not limited to) Aircraft Flight and Maintenance logs and trip expenses. All maintenance items must be reported immediately to the Director of Maintenance. 
  8. Ensures base aircraft are kept clean and stocked. Immediately inform the Director of Operations and the Director of Maintenance of changes in aircraft and crew status. 
  9. The Base Chief Pilot may delegate these functions to the Base Assistant Chief Pilot or subordinates but may not delegate the responsibility. 
  10. The Base Chief Pilot assumes the duties of the Base Ground Security Coordinator (Base GSC) if no ground employee is trained, qualified, and assigned to the position. Refer to the GOM-11, Security Program, for a complete description of the Base GSC duties, responsibilities and training required. 
  11. Supervise assigned personnel to ensure compliance with the policies and procedures Federal Aviation Regulations, ICAO Rules of the Air, NTSB 830, and other applicable federal, state, and local regulations.  
  12. Exemplify and uphold the Jet Linx Team Member Service Standards. 
  13. Coordinate, schedule and review applicable crew and maintenance personnel training with the appropriate training contractor. 
  14. Conduct meetings with all personnel to coordinate activities, identify problems, answer questions, and share information. 
  15. Recruit and interview for base as needed.  
  16. Immediately notify of significant events involving the operation, maintenance, or administration of assigned aircraft, or of matters relating to customer relations or personnel. 
  17. Solicit the Company Officer’s input and/or approval for all operational, personnel, and administrative issues of a substantive nature. 
  18. Submit written reports, as required by the General Operations Manual. 
  19. Revise all copies of manuals and publications assigned to the account(s). 
  20. Demonstrate Jet Linx’s core values and “Supply the High” in all interactions. 
  21. Other duties as assigned. 

 Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 

  • Current and qualified to hold the crewmember supervisor position assigned within an account 
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and effectively interact with all levels of the company 
  • Competence in Microsoft Office Suite application 
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills 
  • Ability to handle and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information 
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment, discretion, and initiative 
  • Self-motivated and independent problem-solving ability under minimal supervision 
  • Ability to travel as needed 
  • Operate office equipment as needed 

 Education and Work Experience: 

  • Hold the qualifications and certificates to be a pilot or PIC  
  • Bachelor’s degree or, equivalent combination of education and experience 
  • Three (3) years aviation management experience 

 Physical Requirements: 

  • Ability to hold and keep a FAA First Class Medical Certificate 
  • Majority of work is completed in a normal office work environment 
  • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer 
  • Move up to 50 pounds on an infrequent basis 

Other Requirements:

  • Ability to obtain a U.S. driver's license
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the US
  • Current passport
  • ATP (ability to obtain ATP)
  • 1st Class Medical
  • FCC Restricted Radio License