Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Greeley, Colorado


Position at JBS USA Food Company

PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: To manage all Hides Operations – Fleshers and Takeup on both A and B shift. Must be able to execute safety; maintain crew & morale; manage quality, revenue, expense, and mechanical capability; communicate with corporate on sale opportunities and inventory management.


Safety- Ensure all crew members are working safely and protecting food safety

People – Manage crewing, encourage employee morale, manage attendance, enforce discipline

Quality – Feedback for #2 and #3 Hide Damage, Trim Patterns, Hide Cures, Break Accuracy, Load out, and Inventory management

Revenue - #3 Hide Damage, Break Accuracy, Inventory Management

Expense – Labor Expense, Packaging Cost, Daily Supplies Usage

Mechanical – Preventive Maintenance, Critical/ Incidental Downtime, Revenue loss/ Expense due to throughput and efficiency, Quality of processing equipment, Pre-Op

Customer Service – Inventory Management, Sales and scheduling communication, Loadout

• Minimum High School Diploma or GED equivalent

• General mechanical skills are essential.
• Management training
• Math and computer knowledge are requirements for position.
• Lab and waste-water experience and background are helpful.
• Bilingual important, but not mandatory as long as translators are present