Environmental Health & Safety Cactus, Texas


Position at JBS USA Food Company


Previous experience with safety and health issues. Extensive experience may substitute for Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Knowledge in the application of government regulations in regard to general, chemical and explosives safety. Able to communicate with local, state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Strong verbal, written, analytical, and persuasive skills and the ability to interact effectively with all levels of employees and management.


  • Inspects all operations being performed on a daily basis, such as production, plant maintenance, and storage of material, for compliance with company and government regulations.
  • Inspects all fire extinguishers that are installed on a regular monthly schedule; inspect stretchers, emergency lights, chemical storage and Haz-Mat equipment.
  • Writes reports implementing the safety program, trains employees, inspects the facility for adequate fire protection, and ensures that all equipment is in good working condition.
  • Maintains safety files and records.
  • Corrects working conditions, using knowledge of industrial processes, mechanics, psychology, and safety standards; develops loss control programs; and devises methods to evaluate safety programs.
  • Responsible for and makes recommendations for compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Escorts employees of all agencies conducting safety, fire and physical security audits of the facility.
  • Assesses new developments in the health and safety field that may have application to the company’s operations.
  • Keeps apprised of developments in federal and state safety laws likely to affect the company.
  • Promotes and encourages participation in safety, health and environmental programs.
  • Assist supervisors in immediately investigation all injury accidents and near miss accidents during 2nd shift and report findings to the Safety Manager.
  • Conduct noise surveys.
  • Perform other duties or tasks as needed or assigned by the Safety Manager