Poultry Jr. Trader for Trade Group

Supply Chain, Procurement & Transportation Greeley, Colorado


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Job Purpose:

Support senior traders and management in marketing and execution and supervise poultry products logistic, transloading, and export.

This role is a great fit for candidates seeking future growth as it will include interaction with teams throughout entire production and distribution process.

  • Manage supply chain on all export poultry products
  • Work with team members to determine product destinations between the Domestic Market, Commerce, and Charleston site.
  • Work with Logistics Coordinator and Inventory Management to monitor and control inbound and outbound loads for Charleston and site physical inventory.
  • Manage and develop  Charleston export packing schedule to meet contractual terms
  • Liaise between Charleston facility and shipping manager to coordinate bookings and shipping schedule
  • Create and issue Sales Contracts for all Poultry Sales through the Charleston site
  • Monitor and manage inbound and outbound quality for Charleston site
  • Update weekly quality controls sheet and provide weekly quality reports for Charleston
  • Work with senior traders and management to determine best sales and purchasing strategy
  • Create and issue Purchase Contracts for non-PPC purchases for Charleston
  • Manage customer scheduling and notification
  • Work with Nutrition Technician to develop and manage least cost formulation for export sales
  • Review Charleston site's weekly, monthly, Quarterly P/L reports - correct any errors
  • Review Charleston site's weekly, monthly, Quarterly Compliance Accrual reports - correct any errors
  • Review Charleston site's weekly, monthly, Quarterly AR aging reports - correct any errors.  Discuss documentation team to chase payments if outstanding and / or advise senior traders of outstanding debtors/higher trade risk.
  • Review and code site related invoices
  • Work to manage site costs; totes, pallets, fumigation, etc.
  • Daily position reports for poultry complex
  • Organize weekly conference call with Charleston site
  • Work with Shipping manager to reduce all export related costs, late gate fees, roll fees, etc.
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year experience in related field or job
  • Must have the ability to make decisions based on data and analysis
  • Must have strong time management and communication skills
  • Must have strong math skills
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Systems

To learn more about JBS Swift Trade Group be visit: https://jbssa.com/our-business/swift-trade-group/