Quality Assurance & Food Safety Souderton, Pennsylvania


Position at JBS USA Food Company

                                                                  JOB DESCRIPTION


  • Ability to work safe and adhere to all company’s safety (human and products safety) rules and regulations
  • Assist the Supervisor in day-to-day running of the department
  • Be able to learn and perform all routine duties of Ground Beef QA technicians; such as paperwork, reports and record reviews
  • Be able to perform all tasks expected of levels I, II and III Quality Assurance technicians in Ground Beef. This includes: Pre-Op inspection, monitoring tasks (CCP, SSOP, SOP) hazard recognition and prevention, quality monitoring etc.)
  • Must be able to recognize and correct deviations in ground beef processing.
  • Must understand specific quality requirements of ground beef products
  • Must be able to perform daily quality and food safety related audits (AQL, Foreign material prevention audit, Products’ quality evaluation etc.)
  • Excellent understanding of Ground Beef product flow and process control stages.
  • Must be familiar with and demonstrate a limited working knowledge of equipment/machines in ground beef
  • Ability to collect and process samples for laboratory testing
  • Be able to learn and perform certain tasks in Red Prairie (inventory status change, daily transactions display, generate hold report etc.)
  • Ability to perform pre-shipment inspection of finished Ground Beef products, evaluate and scan product back to inventory.
  • Assist frontline Supervisor in training and mentoring of new hires (technicians) and other technicians
  • Fill in for Supervisor when he/she is absent
  • Employee will be expected to fulfill other tasks that are assigned by management (fill-in for absent employees, training and cross-training of employees etc.)


  • This position is responsible to work multiple shifts (1st, 2nd &3rd shifts) in both production floor and distribution center
  • Be flexible enough to work assigned shifts ( 1st, 2nd or 3rd shifts) as may be needed
  • Must be able to generate simple email, excel spreadsheet document and PowerPoint.
  • Must be able to work under extreme temperature conditions
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Must be familiar with and/or have a working knowledge of Ground Beef operations (Production, QA & DC inspection activities)
  • Be able to work long hours (with some weekends)