Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Elberton, Georgia


Position at Pilgrim's

Operations Manager


The Operations Manager oversees all processing operations for the facility.




  • Assists with development of organization related to attainment of operating goals and related policies, and best practices, and attainment of operating goals.
  • Directs and coordinates, through subordinate managers/supervisors, department activities in the facility.
  • Well versed with USDA policies, practices and procedures.
  • Reviews and analyzes reports, records, and directives, and confers with managers/supervisors to obtain data required for planning activities such as capital projects, new commitments, status of work in progress, and problems encountered.
  • Assigns or delegates responsibility for specified work or functional activities and disseminates policy to managers/supervisors.
  • Gives work directions, resolves problems, prepares schedules, and sets deadlines to ensure timely completion of work.
  • Coordinates activities of departments to ensure efficiency and economy.
  • Monitors and analyzes costs and prepares budget.
  • Prepares reports and records on location activities for management.
  • Evaluates current procedures and practices for accomplishing location objectives to develop and implement improved procedures and practices.


EDUCATION: Typically requires a Bachelors degree in a related field; however, additional related work experience will be considered in lieu of the education requirement.


  • Typically requires a minimum of 7 years of directly related experience in a poultry processing plant to successfully perform the duties of this job.  Experience in both fresh and further processing preferred.
  • Must have full understanding of USDA, OSHA and other federal and state requirements for a poultry processing environment.
  • Excellent communication skills required.
  • Proven ability to motivate and accomplish results through others.
  • Experience in both union and non-union facilities preferred.