Animal Welfare Greeley, Colorado


Position at JBS USA Food Company

Purpose & Scope: 
The purpose of this position is to align a global animal welfare strategy across the company. The applicant should be able to think and strategize at a high-level and also be able to apply learning and expectations of process at the plants. Good relationships with industry is a must and the applicant will represent JBS in industry initiatives that also improve animal welfare.

Principle Responsibilities: 

The ability for this person to build relationships within the business (those who directly influence animal welfare) will be critical to the job. The person needs to have the ability to also build relationships with the BU leaders. This person will be responsible for high-level policy implementation and thinking in an innovative fashion to improve animal welfare in the plants by empowering the teams and improving their understanding and process implementation of animal welfare program. For this reason, most of the work will be high-level strategy and program implementation.

·       Monitor and assist facilities with RVA (Remote Video Auditing) trend line performance in AWH (Animal Welfare and Handling) categories

·       Maintain files for applicable regulations and JBS policy, disseminating updates to facilities

Write policy and achieve alignment globally with BU leaders

Assist in weekly AWH related KPI discussions with Tech Services staff and facilities

·       Monitor AWH related NRs, helping to assure effective resolution

·       Assist facilities to ensure that we have consistency in AWH policy and procedure

·       Review and update AWH training materials, assisting facilities with maintenance and improvement of certified animal handler positions

·       Travel facilities as needed to assist in AWH related matters

Working Conditions:
General office environment, frequent exposure to plant setting.  Exposed to a variety of hazards of production floor, such as a slippery floors, sharp knives, and extreme temperature variations   


PhD in animal welfare related field or DVM

Must have experience in handling livestock, implementing animal welfare programs and working with diverse set of individuals.

Special Skills:

·       Must have knowledge of animal welfare regulations and industry animal handling guidelines 

·       Must possess excellent organizational and communication skills

·       Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint

·       Must be detailed oriented

·       Travel- 25%-40%