Software Development Intern

Engineering Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Position at Alpine

The Software Development Intern for Alpine, a division of ITW, will help develop a mechanism and structure for centralization and access of data for Alpine’s iPanel software product. This new mechanism and structure for accessing iPanel data will be used to help de-couple, simplify, and modernize our software products.

 Core Responsibilities:

  • Analysis of existing iPanel data structures, data persistence, and data access methods
  • Design a mechanism and structure for centralizing and accessing specific data elements or groups of elements to simplify the iPanel application
  • Develop a prototype to illustrate the data centralization and access methods
  • Share key learnings and implementation/approach with the team

 Expected Learnings:

  • High-level product capabilities of the iPanel software
  • Understanding of the existing data persistence and access methods used by the iPanel software
  • Development of a design and prototype for data centralization and access
  • Agile Development process and Scrum framework

 Job Requirements:

  • Rising Junior or Senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information Technology related field.
  • Proficient in one or more programming languages such as C++, C#, or Java and database technologies such as SQL Server and MongoDB.