Call for Applications - 12.New Generation Storage

Calls for Researchers & Engineers Braga, Portugal


The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory – INL, located in Braga, Portugal is recruiting highly qualified Researchers and Engineers in different fields


This call aims to provide an opportunity for talented and motivated professionals, from all over the world and all nationalities to carry out ground-breaking research at INL in a highly stimulating and multicultural environment. The work will be developed within the scope of the New Generation Storage Agenda, funded by the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP).

New Generation Storage  NGS Agenda


The NGS strategic industrial agenda joins 54 partners working towards the development of a complete and fully circular battery ecosystem in Portugal. The consortium strategy is to develop a new generation of storage systems across the entire value chain, focusing on creating high added value and environmentally friendly products and processes.


Job Opportunities


Below you can find the job opportunities for this agenda and projects within the respective Research Group (RG) or Facility.


Check here the open positions



RG – Nanochemistry   


RRP. - Research Engineer - Lithium regeneration from battery recycling process 



RG - Atomic Structure-Composition of Materials


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – Investigating precursor and anode materials for Li-ion batteries 


RRP. - Junior Research Fellow – Behaviour of electrode/electrolyte interfaces in batteries by identical location TEM (Under Evaluation)


RRP. - Staff Researcher – Anodes and cathodes for flexible and thin film batteries by advanced electron microscopy (Under Evaluation)


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – Electrolyte/electrode interfaces and electrolytes of Li-based and Na-based batteries by in situ electron microscopy (Under Evaluation)



RG - Nanomaterials for Energy Storage and Conversion


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – Lithium metal anodes for high-energy-density batteries


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – High-voltage cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries (Under Evaluation)


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – Development of high-surface-area current collectors for Li/Na batteries


RRP. - Staff Researcher – Next-generation (lithium-metal and sodium-ion) batteries (Under Evaluation)



RG - Nanostructured Materials


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – TEM/STEM Investigations of Energy Related Materials (Under Evaluation)


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – TEM/STEM Characterization of Battery Materials (Under Evaluation)


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc) – Cryo-TEM/STEM Characterization of Beam Sensitive Materials (Under Evaluation)


RRP. - Staff Researcher – Aberration Corrected TEM/STEM Investigations of Battery Materials (Under Evaluation)



RG - Nanostructured Solar Cells


RRP. - Research Fellow (Postdoc)– Development of cathodes and anodes for thin-film Li-ion batteries by sputtering and evaporation methods (Under Evaluation)



RRP. - Junior Research Fellow – Development of cathode materials for thin-film Li-ion batteries 




Facility:  Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Spectroscopy


RRP. - Research Engineer – Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy (Under Evaluation)



RG  Nanofabrication of Optoelectronic Applications


RRP. - Research Fellow (PostDoc) – Thin film batteries



Engineering Group  Systems Engineering


RRP. - Research Engineer – Embedded Hw/Sw System Designer (Under Evaluation)



RG  Nanodevices


RRP. - Research Engineer - ECE/impedance sensors on flexible substrates  (Under Evaluation)


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Check Application Procedure below



Application Instructions


The application is done online. To start the application click on the “Apply” button below and complete the required sections of the Online application form.





Online Application Form


1.   The candidate must complete the personal information and select the reference of the preferred job vacancy (RRP. In case of interest in more than one job vacancy please indicate it in the preferred order by selecting the job references in the drop-down of the application form.

2.    The candidate must submit the mandatory documents mentioned below in pdf format by including them in the “Additional files” section using the “Add portfolio” button. 




Mandatory Documents


The application must be in English and include the following mandatory documents:


a) Cover letter

b) Curriculum Vitae 

c) Academic and/or Professional diplomas


For candidates holding academic degrees awarded outside Portugal:


The recognition of the academic degrees may be required at contractual stage. Thus, it´s strongly advisable to start the recognition process on the website of the Portuguese Directorate General for Higher Education:


Important note: Incomplete applications including the failure to provide mandatory documents or providing inaccurate information will result in the application not being considered.




 Selection Process


1. Applications eligibility check

This stage will be carried out on the basis of the mandatory requirements, education, experience and technical skills defined for the job, as well as the validation of the mandatory documents. Only candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will move forward to the next stage.



2. CV Assessment

The Selection Committee will evaluate the eligible applications based on their CV and other submitted documents and the suitability for the position. The best ranked candidates will be shortlisted for the interview stage(s).


3. Interview(s)

The interview(s) may be done in different formats: video recording or online. The question-based interview will evaluate the match between the candidate’s profile and the requirements for the position, including the technical and personal skills. To better support this stage, the candidate may be requested to prepare a short presentation.

4. Nomination

The selected candidate will be nominated and formally offered the position, including the disclosure of the contractual conditions. 



What We Offer


We offer people with talent and passion a unique opportunity to develop their personal and professional lives. 



Our Benefits


  • Competitive salary
  • Tax benefits and other Diplomatic privileges
  • Private health insurance
  • Family allowances (according to family situation)
  • Free nursery service at INL premises (subject to availability)
  • Support for education fees of dependent children
  • Relocation support
  • Gym Expenses
  • 30 working days of annual leave


Our Facilities & Environment 


  • Onsite Social facilities (Cafeteria, Guest House, Gym and Nursery)
  • Easy access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  • Multidisciplinary research environment
  • Official English-speaking Organisation with more than 40 nationalities
  • Collaboration opportunities with international academic and industrial partners


Additional Information

Call & Selection Process

The information stated in the call and selection process may vary depending on the RRP framework and applicable rules. In this case, the candidates will be informed.
The job advertisement details the qualifications and expertise required for each position. Mismatched applications will not be considered. 
Candidates currently completing a higher degree than the required for the position they are applying for, will be considered for such position. Nonetheless, completing a degree will not mean changes to the conditions accepted and agreed at the beginning of the contract, which are specific to that vacancy.


Application Period

Applications will be accepted starting from November 22nd, 2022. The call will be open for an initial period of 15 working days and/or until the vacancies are filled.
The vacancies labelled as “Under Evaluation” refer to those that will move forward to the next stages of the recruitment and selection process (i.e., interviews).

All applications submitted to vacancies under this label may be considered only if the Selection Committee expresses the need of evaluating new candidates


Application feedback

We highly value your interest in becoming part of the INL experience and it is important for us to maintain good communications with all candidates. No matter the outcome of your application, we will always provide you with feedback.


Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination Principle

INL follows a non-discrimination and equal access principle, wherefore no candidate can be privileged, benefited, impaired or deprived of any rights whatsoever, or be exempt of and duties based on any possible discriminatory issues.


About INL

INL (, is the first and only Intergovernmental Organisation in the world entirely focused on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. It was founded under an international legal framework to perform interdisciplinary research, deploy and communicate nanotechnology for the benefit of society.