Simulation Engineer

Software Engineering Pasadena, California

Position at Edisun

The Company:

Edisun is creating cost-effective photovoltaic and concentrating solar power solutions to sustainably empower civilization. We use innovative mechanical, electrical, and algorithmic designs to track and concentrate the sun’s energy for commercial and industrial markets.

Position Purpose:

To write and operate the software that models and simulates novel Edisun hardware and software systems for PV & CSP projects.  Work will emphasize corroboration against 3rd party tools and actual plant data, informing key business and design decisions at every level of the company.

Key Position Accountabilities:

  • DevelopmentDesign & maintenance of simulation/modeling tools for internal & external use.
  • Operation for Result Generation and Presentation Use of those tools to generate actionable results, document them in reports, and present them to internal and external customers.
  • Training Conducting training sessions for internal and external users to become familiar with tool capabilities in their capacity as a consumer of results or an operator themselves.


  • strong software development skills like C# and/or F#, unit testing/TDD, and Git or equivalent;
  • strong optical modeling skills like vector operations, linear algebra, ray-tracing;
  • strong thermal modeling skills including flow, transfer, and conversion; and
  • strong system modeling skills like optimization, state machines, controllers.

Desirable Experiences:

  • User Interface design: WPF, multithreading, REST, client-server interaction experiences
  • Continuous Integration: Automated building, testing, and versioning of end-user applications
  • Object Oriented Design: Development using SOLID or an equivalent paradigm

Job Location:  This position is based in Edisun's Pasadena office.  Remote applicants must be able to do at least half of their work during 9AM to 5PM Pacific (1600-0100 UTC).

 An Equal Opportunity Employer