Cloud Software Engineer

Systematic and Quantitative New York, New York


Job Title: Cloud Software Engineer

Job Location:  New York City

The QuantOne group is one of the major initiatives for Hutchin Hill.  Formed in 2016 after the consolidation of most of the firm’s quant teams, our mandate is to enable the next generation of quant strategies for the firm. 

To improve our ability to efficiently develop quant strategies, we are looking for an experienced engineer who can move toward the cloud and away from our proprietary research infrastructure.  You will drive our simulation infrastructure strategy to determine the most efficient way to transition to the cloud and leverage its benefits.  This will include the development and management of our distributed computing stack.  Our transition to the cloud is extremely important since our in house research infrastructure is limiting our ability to develop and test models efficiently.  The cloud project will be an ongoing one, and the engineer will be expected to contribute to the development of the team’s infrastructure in other areas as well. 


  • Establish QuantOne’s cloud research environment by working with quants and developers to understand our research process and needs for simulation infrastructure
  • Determine best practices for deployment and execution of batch, on-demand, and streaming research infrastructure on the cloud
  • Design and implement infrastructural software tools that can be used by the team to efficiently and effectively leverage the cloud and our proprietary infrastructure
  • Evaluate and enable new applications for cloud development and use across the statistical and machine learning spectrum


  • At least 3 years of experience developing software in a cloud environment
  • Experience managing large data sets and complex software systems, preferably in a Linux environment, that are depended upon by multiple users
  • Scripting and automation skills to develop, deploy and manage tools that can be leveraged in the research process
  • Experienced in migrating research-oriented infrastructure to the cloud, a plus
  • Prior background in finance is not required


  • Advanced degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, the natural sciences or a related field

Hutchin Hill Capital

Hutchin Hill Capital is a multi-strategy fund focused on liquid investments in fundamental and quantitative strategies. It seeks to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns with low beta and correlation to traditional risk assets through investments representing four distinct sources of alpha: Global Equities, Fundamental L/S Credit, Global Macro, and Systematic & Quantitative.

Hutchin Hill is an Equal Opportunity Employer.