Inspection Team Coordinator 2nd Shift

Manufacturing / Production Broomfield, Colorado


Position at Hunter Douglas Inc.

Inspection Team Coordinator 
2nd Shift

What makes a strong leader?  Commitment, communication, support, humor, technical knowledge & guidance, honesty, respect and trust seem to be common traits of a great leader.  This role will be the next step in growing your leadership experience and skills while making a positive impact on the 2nd shift Inspection team and Hunter Douglas. 

Communicates with previous shift to receive information on any equipment malfunctions or work process difficulties associated with debar, inspection, packaging, and box making. Will also discuss any noted continuous pattern of defects and flaws detected during the shift inspection activities. 

Schedules employee duties daily and adjust throughout the day when ever needed to match production. Tracks attendance and productivity for each employee; provides feedback as needed.

Ensures that backorder/ priority products are delivered to the appropriate area.

Reviews daily production schedules and backorder reports and communicates this information with employees.


Performs Inspection audits per MFG 203 PEP audits daily.

Assists Inspection team members in decision making related to quality standards.  Views shades to be cut down for defects and communicates with cross-functional areas to convey defect information.  Must have a solid knowledge about how defects occur and how to categorize them.

Knows and communicates proper inspection and material handling processes whenever needed.

Communicates expedite and Quick Cure data to other functional areas. 

Accesses computer software program, KAIZEN, to run reports that are to be distributed twice each shift.  Distribute copies of reports.

Enters inspection hours into KAIZEN to track inspection productivity and give feedback on individual performance.

Monitors and maintains a checklist for each Team Member of their progress toward their next certification. 

Communicates instructions to employees on inspection, feedback, and storage.

Acquaints new team member with department and people.  Goes through the new hire checklist with new employees and gets them all job related tools needed.  Assigns new hire Team Members with an appropriate person for introductory training.

Completes and submits to supervisors all paperwork associated with individual Team Member work performance reviews.  Conducts performance reviews.

Review defect samples from fabrication with employees on a daily basis.

Joins Team Members in daily stretching activities and utilizes this opportunity to discuss work related issues. 

Writes notes about daily processes and events in the daily communication log and distributes to others at the end of the shift.

Attends daily coordinator meetings.  Attends leadership roundtable meetings.

Files work orders with the Maintenance department to perform repairs on equipment on an as needed basis.

Checks supplies for the area.  Tape, glue, boxes, end caps, labels, printer ribbon and order if necessary.  Reviews the overall supply stock of materials on hand to be used during the shift.  Orders materials through Fabreqs system or using manual reqs.  Obtains needed materials from tool crib.

Enters data from route tags into Kaizen.

Basic knowledge of printing and stacking functions to be able to understand where defects seen during inspection could be coming from.
Solid knowledge of all work processes and equipment used in debar, inspection, packaging, and box making.
Skill in the use of a computer and software packages to produce standardized reports.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Acceptable training and experience includes a high school diploma or equivalent. Additional training in the concepts of teamwork in a production environment would be beneficial.