Subject Matter Expert – Trauma-Informed Practice

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The Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Trauma-Informed Practice will provide expert consultation within a four-week period following a mutually-decided deliverable schedule with an expected time commitment of 16-20 hours.  HotChalk Instructional Designers will create learning experiences, presentational multimedia objects, and other necessary materials under advisement from the Subject Matter Expert. This Subject Matter Expert advisement will cover:

  • Identification of learning outcomes for the Lesson as a whole
  • Three subtopics
  • Learning outcomes for each subtopic
  • Three concepts for video or multimedia scripts along with accompanying graphics or other appropriate materials
  • Concepts for formative assessments and interactive activities
  • Additional free learning materials for use in interactive/reactive learning activities as a bibliography for further exploration of the topic
  • Concepts for a cumulative, transformative learning activity that brings together the subtopics of the Lesson


In addition, the SME may be eligible to apply for the position of Lesson Leader to provide the following:

  • Feedback to student submissions
  • Respond to a limited number of discussion board posts
  • Lead two synchronous sessions per week, open to all enrolled students
  • Make recommendations, at the completion of the Lesson, as to how it could be improved based on observations and student feedback

The ideal candidate will have the following background and education:

  • Classroom teaching experience OR experience as a school counselor (5+ years preferred)
  • Background in the impact of trauma in education
  • Experience  working with trauma-affected students
  • Trauma training/professional development
  • Clear understanding of the needs and benefits of self-care strategies used in coping with stress

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