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Who We Are

Disruption. Innovation. Expert storytelling. Hill+Knowlton Strategies creates business-to-human communications campaigns on a global scale, but our greatest strength is in our parts. You. Our talent brings diversity of perspective, unmatched expertise and a whole lot of fun. Let us be a part of your story.

A career with H+K is an opportunity to take your career to the next level, working on engaging clients and collaborating with some of the brightest communications minds in the business. We work hard. We play hard. In our world, we love what we do and recognize it’s our people who make the magic happen.

Our employees will always be our most important asset, and we strive to provide some of the best benefits and wellness programs in the industry. Beyond the experience of a career at H+K globally, there is one concept that is central to our culture in the U.S.: H+K Inside and H+K Outside.

Who We Are
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H+K Inside and Outside Benefits

The H+K U.S. approach to work-life blend centers on a far-reaching set of policy commitments to its people — H+K Inside and H+K Outside — meant to help employees grow, shine and connect inside H+K walls, and to support who they are and what’s important to them outside H+K walls.

H+K Inside

Skill Development Skill Development

We’re committed to helping you grow at H+K, which is why we’re proud of our industry-leading training program. H+K University, launched in 2013, is our global training platform. All employees have access to a long list of consistent, highly relevant training courses that cover critical skills in communications and consulting, with an emphasis on the modern skills needed in today’s economy. Courses are offered locally and regionally by in‐house subject matter experts and, where needed, by outside professionals. Topics range from account management and working in teams, to understating the practices and offerings of our firm. Local trainings are also offered on a regular basis, and staff are encouraged to seek out additional training where needed.

Mentoring is an important way to encourage a culture of teamwork and collaboration. At H+K, we connect employees across practices, skill level, regions and cultures to support personal growth, raise awareness of capabilities, and foster future collaboration. Mentoring programs in the U.S. include our Global Virtual Mentoring Program; mentorHER, a mentoring program for our female staff; and individual mentoring and career path initiatives, tailored to the unique needs of each office and its employees.

We know that learning is an ongoing process and that there are many ways to grow skills and knowledge. Building a unique point of view and growing a robust network take both time and opportunity. We strive to provide our employees with both, encouraging them to join professional organizations that help them grow their skills and meet new people. In fact, we took this insight to the next level. H+K offers to pay initial membership fees for every employee to join a professional organization of their choice.

Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

We support employee requests to relocate to other offices within the U.S. and throughout the world. International and regional career opportunities are communicated through company-wide emails and on H+K Exchange, our internal communications portal. As part of our “best teams” approach to account teams, H+K strives to connect the right talent mix to the right office and client needs.

Dave Robinson International Scholarship
The Dave Robinson International Scholarship was created in memory of the late Dave Robinson, who served as president and CEO of H+K Australia, the Middle East, Africa and South and Central Asia. Dave believed in the value of international transfers and assignments, and in providing our people with the opportunity to see and explore what the H+K network has to offer. Scholars receive a transfer stipend from H+K to relocate to an international office for three months. They become immersed in the culture of that office and country, support a variety of client accounts, and grow their global consulting skills.

Frank Mankiewicz U.S. Career Explorations Program
Modeled after the Dave Robinson International Scholars Program, and named in honor of a longtime colleague and friend, the Frank Mankiewicz U.S. Career Explorations Program focuses on helping employees explore their career potential here in the U.S. This program allows team members the chance to experience life and work in an exciting new city by spending a two to four-week term in one of our other U.S. offices. This is a unique opportunity for H+Kers to expand their internal network outside of their home office, gain hands-on experience working with new clients and different practice groups, all while absorbing the individual culture, energy and leadership that makes each of our U.S. offices so unique.

H+K Good
Giving back is important, and doing good feels good, which is why employees at H+K receive 8 hours of paid time off to volunteer with a qualified non-profit or institution. Examples of community service includes time spent building a Habitat for Humanity House, volunteering at a religious organization or stocking shelves at a food bank.

Fellowship Program
Our fellowship program was created to provide participants with real-world communications and strategic counsel experience at the beginning of their careers. This six-month program for recent college graduates promotes the development of their communication skills through collaboration with senior employees on pressing client issues, with many participants accepting full-time offers at the end of their fellowship.

Rewards and Recognition Rewards and Recognition

Cheers! In 2016, H+K rolled out Cheers!, a new online employee engagement and recognition program. The platform allows employees across the H+K network to send and receive recognition, and celebrate successes and milestones with specialty badges. This recognition allows employees to publicly show off their great work and can be applied toward monetary and non-monetary awards like gift cards and special incentives.

Talent25 is an internal program designed to recognize and reward the best of the best at the junior and mid-levels in the U.S. Each year a class of 25 client-facing and operations employees from across the firm are nominated by H+Kers and recognized for their embodiment of the best of H+K.

Performance Reviews
Open communication between employees and their supervisors is critical. We encourage regular meetings to discuss performance, set goals, and look ahead. Performance reviews and peer-to-peer feedback is collected annually through Cheers!, where managers can easily refer to all the positive feedback received throughout the year - including training, mentoring and peer recognition badges.

Referrals One of the easiest ways to help employees enjoy their work environment is to let them bring in people they like, respect and admire. Therefore, we support our best-in-the-business employees to bring their friends to work for us. Subject to certain conditions, our employees receive $3,000 for referring someone who is hired at H+K. We add more top talent, and our current talent gets a boost in more ways than one.

Diversity & Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion

Sameness is the enemy of creativity and innovative thinking excludes no one. As a global organization, we know well the value and importance of a variety of perspective and experience, including gender, race, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, language, religion, veteran status and much more. H+K prides itself on offering our clients a diverse brain-trust in the form of world-class client service teams and has established a number of programs, initiatives and partnerships to further our efforts in diversity, inclusion and accountability.

H+K Distinction
H+K Distinction is the U.S. diversity and inclusion program, which drives a variety of initiatives, events, key partnerships and outreach efforts to ensure our firm reaches ever-greater levels of diversity. H+K Distinction supports the belief that collaboration informed by our distinguishing differences and unique life experiences is where ground-breaking and inventive thinking is born. We have formed several partnerships as part of H+K Distinction that assist in our efforts, including:

  • ColorComm. In 2017 we are pleased to be partnering with ColorComm, a business community for professionals of color, providing memberships for individuals on our staff and also supporting the organization’s annual conference.
  • College + University Outreach. As part of our H+K Distinction diversity programs, we’re committed to providing opportunities for diverse candidates looking to launch a successful agency career. We invest our time attending regional college and university job fairs to connect with promising students and open our offices to host student visits and networking sessions for area PRSSA chapters. Our partnerships include longstanding relationships with diverse colleges such as Howard University.
  • Emma L. Bowen Foundation. We support the Emma L. Bowen Foundation, whose mission is to create career opportunities in the media industry for minority youth. They do this through programs that focus on scholastic achievement, direct work experience and professional development. As a corporate partner, we offer a student a variety of work experiences and increasing levels of responsibility during a multi-year program, with the goal of helping them obtain competitive skills for permanent placement in the industry.
  • The LAGRANT Foundation. The LAGRANT Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations by providing scholarships, career and professional development workshops, mentors and internships to African American/Black, Alaska Native/Native America, Asian American/Pacific Islander and Hispanic/Latino undergraduate and graduate students. As part of our commitment to LAGRANT, we serve on a panel of judges that awards scholarships each year to deserving students, host student visits and learning webinars in regional offices and, a member of our leadership team sits on their board.
  • U.S. Army Training With Industry Program. We are extremely proud to be a long-time participant in the Training With Industry Program of the U.S. Army. This annual program places outstanding Army public information practitioners alongside our staff in the office and on client teams for one-years terms. The program provides a broadening opportunity for officers to learn how the private sector operates in the communications industry, and for us to learn from them. It has been a meaningful link for all of us to the men and women who defend our nation.

H+K U.S. benefits every day from gender balance in leadership, and we are committed to making our firm a welcoming and industry-leading workplace for all. H+K HER (Helping Executives Rise) – the H+K women’s network – was created in the U.S. in March 2015 to engage the firm’s attention, resources and leadership in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities that women experience in their careers. One of the core H+K HER programs is mentorHER, a formal mentoring program open to all female employees, which enjoys broad success and support: 98 percent of participants saying they’d recommend the program to a colleague.

WPP Common Ground Initiative
Common Ground is an international initiative to deploy the power of leading creative agencies to help address the world’s most pressing problems in support of the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. WPP, the holding company of which H+K is a part, is focusing its efforts on Goal 5: Gender Equality, and is involved in a variety of projects around the global network in support of these efforts.

H+K Outside

The time we need The time we need

While employees primarily work in the office, our approach is to be open to employees managing their own time to complete work and meet client goals. We operate in some of the coolest cities in the United States, so we encourage our employees to explore and work where they do best, whether that be the new coffee shop around the corner, a park, or their own back porch.

  • Location-flex allows the vast majority of employees to establish arrangements to work away from the office one day a week.
  • Load-flex allows employees to be eligible for reduced-percentage-and-pay schedules.
  • Holiday-flex allows employees to get a jump-start on some of the biggest holidays, because the firm's offices close at noon local time the day prior to the start of a major holiday.

Staying on top of our game requires time out to recharge. Our employees accrue a bank of personal time off that they use for vacations, personal days, fighting off illness and spending time with family and loved ones. Starting at 20 paid time off days, employees can eventually accrue more than a month of paid time off per year. In addition to the competitive amount of paid time off we offer, our employees receive 14 paid holidays, including MLK Day, Presidents’ Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Friday and more.

The ones we love The ones we love

Children and Families
Working parents have opted in to carrying a unique load - and that's especially true for those becoming a parent for the first time. We honor that lift and the value our working parents bring to H+K by building a support structure to help them achieve success on the work-front and the home-front. We provide 16 weeks of paid leave to all birth mothers and 10 weeks of paid leave to all other parents to give them a chance to bond, with none of it coming from sick leave or vacation time. This also allows parents to hold onto their vacation and sick days for when they return to work. In addition, we also offer eight weeks of unpaid leave for parents who need extra time for any reason, two weeks of transition schedules available for birth moms before their due date such as working from home, and four weeks of transition schedules available for parents upon their return to work.

Families are more than just our own kids, so H+K provides all employees with 16 weeks of job protection (and eligibility for salary continuation for their own serious health conditions) for FMLA needs. Employees also have access to a network of caregivers for children, healthy or mildly ill parents, spouses and domestic partners through Care.com.

To us, pets are people, too. We provide access to discounted pet insurance to protect these very important members of our families. Employees also have access to a network of pet sitters through Care.com.

The healthy life The healthy life

Primary Benefits
Each year our primary benefits such as medical, dental, vision and life insurance are evaluated to ensure they meet the diverse needs of our employees. We offer the choice between two medical carriers and three medical plan options so that employees have meaningful choices, and access to the right level of coverage and care, at the right price.

Doing our best work takes a lot of mind and body, so we want our employees to be able to recharge both. Our employees are reimbursed up to $75 per month for healthy pursuits like gym memberships and fitness classes.

Healthy Living
H+K cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees. Knowing that local organic food is important to our employees, we work with local grocers in some cities to provide organic snacks and lunches in our break rooms and kitchens.

Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential, professional assistance for a wide range of issues at no cost to employees and their families. Behavioral health professionals are available to provide phone or in-person counseling for help with stress, alcohol or drug abuse, family, legal or financial concerns. Information and referrals are also provided for a range of needs including adoption, child/elder care, daily living, health and wellbeing, and summer programs. The EAP aims to coordinate all referrals to employees' current insurance plan networks if applicable.

The road ahead The road ahead

Our people are learning every day, through programs like H+K University or from colleagues and mentors around them. For those seeking educational advancement beyond H+K, we offer our employees partial reimbursement of tuition, fees and books of up to $5,000 in total ($2,500 per semester).

From listening to our employees we know that they have passions and dreams that sometimes need dedicated time that work will not allow, and we want to give our employees space to achieve those. Since 2014, we offer employees who have completed five years of service with H+K up to one month of unpaid time off to pursue what they are passionate about – write a novel, take a long trip, learn to surf, spend time with loved ones – whatever is important to them. They will receive a stipend for the month, and H+K will welcome their return – rejuvenated and inspired.

Celebrating success and both personal and professional milestones are an important part of our culture. Our employees receive days off for their birthdays and for their 5-year increment anniversaries with the firm. Those incremental anniversaries are also accompanied by a gift card to sweeten the celebration.

At H+K, we want to help our employees plan for the long-term, and we offer some of the best benefits available. We contribute up to 7 percent of an employee’s annual base salary to his or her retirement fund. This includes a 401k program with a generous “no waiting” employer match that begins the first year with the firm, and a profit-sharing plan that begins automatically depositing funds after each employee’s second anniversary.

Current Openings

Abu Dhabi

Account Director - Oil and Gas Energy + Industrials
Account Executive Public relations
Account Manager Public relations
Account Manager Public relations
Public Relations Account Director Energy + Industrials
Senior Account Manager (Secondment) Energy + Industrials


Fellow, Corporate Affairs Corporate Affairs
US Sector Lead, Technology+Telecoms Technology


Account Executive Public relations




Senior Consultant Corporate Affairs
Senior Consultant Public affairs
Sr Copywriter Automotive


Sourcing & Recruitment Coordinator Human resources

Costa Mesa

Managing Editor, Content Development + Digital Marketing - Automotive Automotive
Public Relations Principal, Corporate Communications Corporate Affairs


Business Intelligence Associate Corporate Affairs
Fellow, Business Intelligence Corporate Affairs


Senior account executive- Bilingual (English + Arabic) Public relations


Account Director Public relations
Account Executive, Corporate + Brand Corporate Affairs
Account Manager Technology
Account Manager Public relations
Account Manager, Corporate + Brand Corporate Affairs
Content Producer (Videographer/Editor) Digital media
Creative Copywriter Direct & digital
Creative Strategist Creative
Digital Analytics Manager Direct & digital
Executive Assistant to the CEO Administration
Public Relations Senior Account Executive Healthcare
Senior Account Manager Technology
Senior Account Manager Healthcare
Senior Account Manager, Corporate + Brand Corporate Affairs
Senior Creative Designer Creative + Design
TEAM ASSISTANT Administration

Hong Kong

Account Director - Corporate Communications Corporate Affairs
HR&Admin Manager Human resources


Public Affairs Fellow, Oil & Gas Energy
Public Relations Fellow, Energy Energy



Kuala Lumpur

Associate Trainee Marketing communications
HR & Admin Manager Human resources
Intern - Public Relations Public relations
Public Relations Manager/ Senior Manager Marketing communications
Senior Associate Public relations


Associate Director - Ford Automotive
Associate Director Financial + Professional Services Financial + Professional services
Consumer Packaged Goods- Account Director Consumer packaged goods
H+K Smarter- Behavioural Science Behavioural Science
Healthcare Senior Associate Director Healthcare
People + Purpose- Senior Account Director Change + Internal Comms
Retail + Leisure- Account Execuive Retail + Leisure
Sport Marketing + Sponsorship- Intern Sports

Los Angeles

Office Manager, Temp-to-Perm Office services


Account Managers - to be based in Saudi Arabia Corporate Affairs


Public Relations Senior Account Executive Marketing communications


Assistant(e) administratif(ve) bilingue Office services
Vice-président, Communications corporatives Corporate Communications

New York

Consumer Marketing Lead, US Marketing communications
Director, Digital Planning + Optimization Creative
Presentation Designer Creative
Public Relations Account Supervisor, Healthcare Healthcare
Public Relations Data & Analytics Strategist Research & Data Insights
Public Relations Director, Healthcare Healthcare
Public Relations Fellow, Corporate Affairs Corporate Affairs
Public Relations Fellow, Technology Technology
Sourcing & Recruitment Coordinator Human resources
US Chief Financial Officer Finance
US Sector Lead, Technology+Telecoms Technology


Assistant(e) administratif(ve) bilingue Office services


Account Managers - to be based in Saudi Arabia Public relations
Senior Account Executive Public relations


Account Executive Public relations
Arabic Editor Public relations
Creative Designer Creative
Digital Account Manager Direct & digital
Events Coordinator Public relations
HR Business Partner Human resources
Intern/ Junior PR Consultant Public relations
Internal Communications Specialist Public relations
PR account manager Public relations
Senior Account Manager for Government clients Public relations
Senior Consultant Public relations

San Francisco

Public Relations Fellow, Corporate + Technology Technology
US Sector Lead, Technology+Telecoms Technology


Account Coordinator Healthcare
Account Coordinator Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle
Account Coordinator Automotive
Account Director Automotive
Account Director Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle
Account Director / Director (Consumer Practice) Business development
Account Executive Automotive
Account Executive Healthcare
Consultant Healthcare
Consultant Automotive
Marketing Manager Marketing communications
Senior Account Executive Automotive
Vice President(Head of Consumer Practice) Business development


Digital Designer Public relations
Digital Manager Digital media
Director - Consumer or Marcomms Public relations
Manager / Senior Manager - Consumer / Marcomms Public relations
Public Relations - Management Trainee Public relations
Senior Executive / Executive Public relations
Senior Executive / Executive - Public Relations Public relations
Senior Executive / Manager, PR & Influence Public relations
Senior Manager / Manager - Public Relations Public relations


Account Supervisor, Public Affairs & Healthcare Public affairs


Account Supervisor, Public Affairs & Healthcare Public affairs


Digital Project Manager Digital media
Director of Strategic Planning Digital media
General Manager Corporate overhead
Public Relations Account Director, Corporate Communications Corporate Communications
Public Relations Senior Consultant, Consumer Brand Marketing communications
Public Relations Senior Consultant, Technology Technology


Administrative Coordinator Corporate Communications

Washington, D.C.

Consumer Marketing Lead, US Marketing communications
Content + Publishing Strategist Creative
Presentation Designer Creative
Public Relations Account Supervisor, Healthcare Healthcare
Public Relations Director, Healthcare Healthcare
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