Administrative Support Specialist

Administrative Ft. Worth, Texas




gTANGIBLE Corporation (gTC),, is a C corporation and a registered Government contractor that provides services and solutions in:

  • National Security Programs
  • Professional, Administrative, and Management Support
  • Mission and Warfighter Support


We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and the founder has years of successful experience in the Government contracting arena. Our leadership team is an exceptional group of Government contracting professionals. gTANGIBLE is in the process of identifying candidates for the following position.


Requisition Type: Full Time

Position Status:  Contingent

Position Title: Administrative Support Specialist

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Security Clearance Level: Current Tier 3 (T3/T3R) investigation


Duties and Responsibilities

Provide operations and administrative services to coordinate and manage five different Type/ Models/Series (T/M/S) of assigned aircraft supporting the Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Wing (CFLSW) mission. This support includes the maintenance of Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) program related instructions, notes and publications, NATOPS record keeping, the schedule coordination of Crew Resource Management (CRM) classes, and Pilot Selection Boards (PSB). General operations and administration support will include the generation and distribution of various monthly reports. Tasks include the following:

  • Serve as the primary POC for Drilling Reserve Pilot Selection Boards (PSB) for CFLSW squadrons and detachments.
  • Coordinate PSB dates, times and board member participation with CFLSW; subordinate commands for long and short term manpower and training requirements.
  • Format and prepare PSB applicant data for completeness and standardization utilizing various software programs to include Microsoft Office and Adobe Pro.
  • Forward standardized applicant packages and pre-briefs to Commanding Officers, Executive Officers, NATOPS departments and PSB board members for review and mark-up via Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) service.
  • Combine graded application packages and marked-up briefs into final PSB presentations.
  • Schedule and create Defense Connect Online (DCO) virtual meeting room and conference call.
  • Complete test run of DCO program with all participating PSB board members to ensure connectivity.
  • Send PSB timetable and login information to PSB board members.
  • Conduct Pilot Selection Board via Defense Connect Online (DCO) virtual meeting room web site.
  • Record, compose and publish PSB Selectee Letter and Minutes. Deliverable: PSB Selectee Letter and Minutes.
  • Forward PSB results to Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve (CNAFR) via CFLSW Commodore for approval.
  • Act as a liaison between CNAFR and CFLSW subordinate commands regarding selectee affiliation.
  • Review and rewrite the CFLSW Pilot Selection Board Procedures Instruction (CFLSWINST 3740.1) as required.
  • The contractor shall maintain all NATOPS related instructions and initiate periodic reviews as determined necessary by T/M/S Program Managers.
  • Maintain a database of all T/M/S exams to include instrument, NATOPS open and closed book, Standard Operating Procedures and Engine and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) qualification.
  • Assemble, format and write-up notes from quarterly Standardization Board meetings. Distribute and track quarterly Standardization Notes within CFLSW and distribute to squadron and detachment NATOPS offices.
  • Write-up and distribute minutes from semi-annual and annual Pilot Review Board meetings.
  • Write-up and distribute minutes from monthly Flight Order Audit Board meeting.
  • Assist in determining long-range training and scheduling requirements for CRM Facilitator Course to meet annual wing-wide qualification needs.
  • Coordinate and distribute CRM course quotas with squadron NATOPS Departments.
  • Coordinate with CRM program manager to ensure instructor availability.
  • Schedule CFLSW evaluators for CRM instructor course and obtain class quotas.
  • Provide support for the CRM facilitator course to include processing course completion certificates, coordinating Information Technical support and setup, and serving as the CFLSW primary POC for course information.
  • The contractor shall route, file and maintain CRM course critique sheets for course improvement.
  • The contractor shall maintain, route and file completed write-ups from Unit NATOPS Evaluations and Assist Visits.
  • Ensure accuracy of CFLSW Pilot and enlisted Aircrew flight training records.
  • Ensure timely routing and tracking of NATOPS/instrument check paperwork for CFLSW staff personnel.
  • Coordinate and track CFLSW staff qualifications and currency utilizing SHARP and Excel databases.
  • Process all NATOPS correspondence for waiver documentation, including minimum flight time, medical, and in-training time and route through CFLSW TMS Program Managers and CFLSW Administrative Department for review and approval.
  • Print and file monthly individual SHARP flight time summaries in NATOPS jackets.
  • Monitor Career Enlisted Flight Incentive Pay (CEFIP) / Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) for all staff personnel.
  • Provide liaison, assistance for resolution of CFLSW squadron CEFIP discrepancies with Navy Personnel Command (NPC).

Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Have previous Navy aircrew experience with at least 6 years of specialized experience and working knowledge of the NATOPS program; experience in planning and executing long range training schedules in accordance with NATOPS and Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) Programs.
  • Possess a working knowledge of Navy squadron organization; possess strong organizational, written, verbal communication skills with an ability to evaluate, analyze and adapt to change quickly as well as work with people at all levels of DON and DOD organizations.
  • Experience with personal computers and the MS suite of tools and applications.

gTANGIBLE Corporation is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, age, sex, color, physical or mental disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or political affiliation.