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Position at Wavemaker


Future Makers

GroupM recently merged two of its leading global networks, MEC and Maxus, to form a brand new media, content and technology agency – one of the largest in the world. WAVEMAKER exists to be Future Makers: to build brands that pioneer the future, inspire society and move customers to action. What started with a blank page and a fresh perspective has resulted in building an agency of future.

Bound together by our Purchase Journey approach, we help clients translate audience behaviours and insights into smart decisions today, for a prosperous tomorrow. Our organizational capabilities and specialisms, along with the talents of our 8,500 people are united through our focus on understanding, accelerating and optimizing purchase journeys. Our obsession with purchase journeys is apparent in the solutions we create for clients, in how we structure ourselves and in the job roles our people perform. So a job a WAVEMAKER may not sound like a job at any other agency, and that’s because it isn’t.

Our people are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves and share the values and behaviours of what we refer to as PACED -  passionate, agile, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and diverse. With our combined global heritage coming together to create something new; our people are the brains, the data experts and the thinkers of the GroupM family.

WAVEMAKER is a leader in its field.  We’re in front of transformation, making waves by making bold choices. It means the impact of our choices today creates momentum into the future.

Our vision is simple: To become the most distinctive and admired media, content and technology agency in the world.

The future is not only coming, it’s now.

Role context:

The Journey Design Lead is a senior leadership role within an integrated client team. It sits within our Journey Design function, and is responsible for ensuring that we design industry leading solutions using media, tech and content to solve client problems across the purchase journey. With an excellent grasp of Rapid Growth Planning techniques, Journey Design Leads will ensure that the voice of the consumer is heard, understood and reflected in the Journey Designs created for clients. Journey Design Leads will be expert users of all WAVEMAKER tools which will allow them to create data-driven solutions to client briefs and quantifiable recommendations on their investment decisions.

The Journey Design Lead role can broadly be split into three key areas of responsibility:

Firstly, you will run a Journey Design Team of experts all tasked with driving excellence in Purchase Journey Design across every stage and touchpoint. You will work within an integrated client team, and you and your team will be the engine that drives customer thinking, insights, and data at the heart of all our responses. You will have direct management responsibility for Senior Journey Designers, and work in a tightly integrated partnership with the Journey Delivery Lead and Journey Activation Leads to ensure insights and strategy get translated into approved plans. You will be responsible for the quality of Journey Design across your group, ensuring all proposals cover the entire Purchase Journey, are data-driven (using the full breadth of Wavemaker tools and capabilities) and include provocations and constant new thinking.

Secondly, you will hold ultimate accountability for the successful building and approval of the Journey Designs on your clients’ business.  You (with your team) will work within the Rapid Growth Planning stages of Diagnose and Decide to regularly audit your clients specific Purchase Journey. You will be responsible for the Journey Design from the point of brief until implementation plans have had initial sign off. The role of Journey Design is to brief Activation, WM Content and other specialist parties in an inspiring and motivating way. Journey Delivery will sit alongside you in the briefing and will then conduct Journey Activation, WM Content and other internal stakeholders (and clients) around them to make it happen. You will be the clients go to person when briefs are being built and challenged and when the Journey Design is being built. You will liaise closely with all other stakeholders in the Diagnose and Decide stages, and be an expert collaborator, working in partnership with media owner partners, internal WM teams (inc. WM Content, TAPP, Activation) and third party measurement partners to ensure effective business outcomes are planned from the start.

Thirdly, the Journey Design function is expected to be the engine of industry leading, award worthy work. You will be responsible for ensuring the proposals that are built across your Purchase Journeys have clear customer insights at the heart, promoting new thinking to solve problems that reflect the changing landscape and aren’t ‘media by default’. You will be expected to share these insights, opportunities, and outcomes to other parts of the agency to ensure the entire Journey Design Team are continuously seeking innovative, new ways to solve Purchase Journey challenges.

Core Responsibilities:

Run a Journey Design team:

  • Manage a team of Journey Design specialists within the integrated client team, with direct line management responsibility for any Senior Journey Designers. (This team will be responsible for managing all aspects of the purchase journey up to plan approval)
  • Work closely with the Journey Delivery Lead and Journey Activation Leads to ensure the team’s combined skill, development and training is continuously monitored and managed to enhance outcomes for clients
  • Instill a data fueled culture, with high level of proficiency and use of Wavemaker tools, especially [m]Insights across the team
  • Ensure the team achieves Journey Design Accreditation
  • Ensure ongoing training, career development and pastoral needs are met and managed for all Journey Design staff within your team
  • Ensure excellent collaboration between Journey Design staff and all other functions within the integrated team

Accountability for the successful building and approval of the Journey Designs on your clients’ business:

  • Ensure Rapid Growth Planning (WM’s planning approach) is delivered across all client work. Using internal WM tools (inc. [m]Insight and WM Benchmarks/ Momentum) and external tools to build a deep understanding of the consumer, the client business and its specific Purchase Journey opportunities.
  • Take ownership of the whole journey and ensure Priming, Active, Brand, Performance are linked.
  • Working with the team to regularly audit (DIAGNOSE) the purchase journey to identify strengths and weaknesses (includes research, tool use, budget setting – ensuring data fuels every stage)
  • Define the tasks for media, tech and content investment, develop channel roles and investment priorities based around tasks
  • Responsible for working with the Journey Delivery and Journey Activation teams to keep abreast of how the journey is evolving, including consumer, competitor, and category insights. Leading macro course correction if required.
  • Responsible for always challenging and provoking the client, bringing new thinking, approaches and creativity powered by insights and data
  • Ultimately accountable for the Purchase Journey(s) on your clients’ business, up until the initial sign off of implementational plans. Working with your Journey Design team (and consulting with and informing Journey Delivery) to create and control the process.
  • Be the clients’ contact for Journey Design approach and recommendations
  • Able to articulate to senior clients the key deliverables around their campaigns when they require it
  • Man-mark senior clients and adeptly learn their business, objectives and ways of working
  • Be confident in discussing and managing all potential communications touchpoints across the purchase journey, whether media, content, data or technology
  • The role of Journey Design is to brief Activation, WM Content and other specialist parties in an inspiring and motivating way

The engine of industry leading, award worthy work:

  • Make the Wavemaker agency team famous, by ensuring that award worthy work happens (in partnership with Journey Delivery and Journey Activation)
  • Work with Delivery and Activation to identify proactive, emerging opportunities with the potential to step change growth
  • Inspire clients to see value of journey design thinking – ensuring permeation throughout all levels of client
  • Lead agency pitches from a design perspective, leading strategy and planning input
  • Share work internally to the broader agency and externally to the industry
  • Create strong productive working relationships with the planning and strategy teams of external agencies and media owners

Other Responsibilities:

The Journey Design Lead has the opportunity to be part of WM’s Strategy Board – the Strategy Boards are 5 or 6 boards tasked with running key strategic initiatives on behalf of the agency. It is the second most senior body of leaders within the agency below the Exco. The Boards meet fortnightly as independent bodies and also meet all together twice yearly to review achievements and agree strategic focus for following 6 months.

Membership of the Strategy Board is by election and based on performance and contribution, and is therefore not guaranteed.

We are an equal opportunities employer. All GroupM agencies are equal opportunities employers and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, gender identity, disability, culture/religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.