Associate Director - Universal Home Ents, Nikon - Mat Cover

Media Planning London, England


Position at Mediacom


Clients: Universal Home Entertainment and Nikon


Planning AD Objectives / KPIs:


-          Promote the 20|20 process and available tools, including accelerator sessions, on all clients and new business where applicable, to produce planning work that is rigorous, creative, underpinned by systems thinking and effective, pushing work from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

  • KPI: feedback from client/TRR on planning – clients convinced they are getting the best planning
  • KPI: recognition from account Business Director that this has been promoted and demonstrated where possible
  • KPI: at least one reputable awards shortlist from the planning team and showing thought towards this goal throughout the year


-          Ensure a strong and positive MediaCom culture in your team – brilliant planners who are proud off the work they do, with clear goals, objectives and development plan, and manage a great relationship with wider internal teams and other MediaCom departments.

  • KPI: create a harmonious atmosphere and positive environment within the team, showing their enjoyment and workplace contentment through lack of churn, as well as positive sentiment about their immediate team through feedback
  • KPI: opinion of the account Business Director and other internal stakeholders, both immediate and direct, as well as the more formal Open Door format


-          Increase revenue, through an understanding of and contribution to the Client Development Plan, and New Business where possible.  Proactively seek opportunities to consultatively sell additional services – data/insight, content, creative opportunities - to team clients.  Ensure the account is in perfect financial health.

  • KPI: clear understanding of the wider picture on accounts, primarily areas to improve in order to drive commercials through bonuses etc. as well as client satisfaction, shown through client feedback and performance reviews e.g. TRR feedback
  • KPI: delivering demonstrable value of additional services sold through MediaCom
  • KPI: understanding of client and MediaCom financial models and client debt management, and through excellent management of this financial climate of the account across the team, demonstrating maintenance of excellent financial performance, or marked improvement in financial health


-          Genuine ownership of accounts through becoming the lead planning contact for clients, and a trusted strategic partner where there business is concerned

  • KPI: TRR, client feedback, as well as feedback from internal MediaCom stakeholders through informal and formal channels, such as Open Door


Associate Director Responsibilities:

-          Main planning point of contact for the clients – a trusted strategic partner, and opinionated expert of the market and industry issues.  Being a noted voice in the room in meetings with clients and other external agencies.

-          Managing Hyperion, and the financial projection of accounts

-          Distribute projects and workload amongst the team, owning those that you are individually responsible for, and assisting and guiding those that come from you to your direct reports – act as an instrument of quality control for the account, taking an overarching view of the output

-          Ensure that the team understand, use where appropriate, and value the 20 I 20 tools and processes, including accelerated planning

-          Set an example with the relationships you build and foster, between yourself and those we work with; both internally, with the likes of Connect and other MediaCom functions, and externally with clients and media owners

-          Promote and plan career development for your direct reports, based around the “What makes a great Planner” guidelines

-          Actively engage with and drive your own development where you can – attend training sessions, conferences and learning sessions.  Read around topics of management, learning and media, and seek to apply and promote learnings into the business.  Core skills around the “What makes a good Planner” guidelines should be well-versed in every area.

-          Participate in stretch sessions, both to share your own experiences, and for personal freshness

-          Contribute to the wider business in the capacity of Associate Director – participation in AD board meetings, huddles etc

-          Ensure that the Business Director is up to date with the state of the day-to-day business on the accounts, as well as any changes affecting client outlook and forecasting

-          Own and manage financials of client accounts, from approving all client billings to keeping on top of debtor queries, whilst also ensuring the wider team understand the importance and impact of their contribution to your account’s financial health.

-          Main interface with global teams where relevant

-          Look to get involved in New Business, as time and opportunity allows

-          Depute for the Business Director when necessary




To contribute to Josh’s vision for MediaCom to be the best Communications agency in the world, there are certain behaviours and skills that will help make MediaCom’s planners the best in the world.  Planners need to be generalists, and whilst our planners are already skilled in many of these areas, they will also be a lead consideration for personal development plans and objective setting

We have also translated MediaCom’s global behaviours – Know It, Share It, Push It and Do It – into the behaviours we want from our planning teams at MediaCom as a further consideration.


Opinionated Sponges

Demonstrate a thirst for learning about technology, trends, media, people, brands, and the clients industry


Use this knowledge to develop confident opinions on how Comms can works to grow and influence our client’s business



Radiators, not Drains

Contribute to making the team and department better and stronger – participate in stretches, get involved where you can, and make a difference



Ambition & Tenacity to make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Push your work to be more creative, more innovative, and more effective – be demanding of yourself



Delivery of the things we ask

Consider your KPI’s, objectives and MediaCom ways of working, be that 20 I 20 planning or acceleration sessions



  1. Systems thinkers viewing the clients’ channels as an interconnected system and taking steps to get this system working optimally to drive client outcomes
  2. Able to spot the real issue behind the brief – knowing how the challenge the client to understand what they really need
  3. Can plan against client outcomes – quantifying objectives and the likely impact of comms on them; understands bottom-up response-based planning; able to set a measurement approach
  4. Empathetic to the people of Britain (especially outside London) – a good understanding of what makes people tick across the country, how this might vary by region and what impact it should have on our planning
  5. Data-literate – aware of the available resources and how to turn data into insight
  6. Able to simplify reams of data (Qual and Quant) into a clear strategic opportunity
  7. Fluent in different types of media strategy – from Byron Sharp to behaviour change
  8. Able to spot the potential in an idea and nurture those ideas to fruition
  9. Understand the nuts and bolts of media to be able to develop a top-line media plan and judge a detailed one
  10. Content-literate – understand what content works best in different contexts, and when to use branded content or partnerships vs advertising.  Able to translate this into MBA briefs
  11. Compelling storyteller – to give our ideas and thinking the best chance of coming to fruition

We are an equal opportunities employer. All GroupM agencies are equal opportunities employers and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, gender identity, disability, culture/religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.