Senior Journey Maker

Comms/Strategic Planning London, England


Position at Wavemaker


Future Makers

GroupM recently merged two of its leading global networks, MEC and Maxus, to form a brand new media, content and technology agency – one of the largest in the world. WAVEMAKER exists to be Future Makers: to build brands that pioneer the future, inspire society and move customers to action. What started with a blank page and a fresh perspective has resulted in building an agency of future.

Bound together by our Purchase Journey approach, we help clients translate audience behaviours and insights into smart decisions today, for a prosperous tomorrow. Our organizational capabilities and specialisms, along with the talents of our 8,500 people are united through our focus on understanding, accelerating and optimizing purchase journeys. Our obsession with purchase journeys is apparent in the solutions we create for clients, in how we structure ourselves and in the job roles our people perform. So a job a WAVEMAKER may not sound like a job at any other agency, and that’s because it isn’t.

Our people are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves and share the values and behaviours of what we refer to as PACED -  passionate, agile, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and diverse. With our combined global heritage coming together to create something new; our people are the brains, the data experts and the thinkers of the GroupM family.

WAVEMAKER is a leader in its field.  We’re in front of transformation, making waves by making bold choices. It means the impact of our choices today creates momentum into the future.

Our vision is simple: To become the most distinctive and admired media, content and technology agency in the world.

The future is not only coming, it’s now.

Job Title:                      Senior Journey Maker

Reporting to:               Journey Delivery Lead

Key reports:                 Journey Makers, Journey Execs

Role context:

The Senior Journey Maker sits within our Journey Delivery function, and holds a pivotal role responsible for ensuring that every step taken throughout the Purchase Journey on behalf of the client by the Wavemaker team is maximized for effectiveness and efficiency. You are the beating heart of the agency, driving best in class media, tech & content solutions for clients.

The Senior Journey Maker’s role can broadly be split into three key areas of responsibility:

Firstly, you will manage and oversee the delivery of the Purchase Journey. Within WM, you will act as the glue between Journey Design and Journey Activation, striving for operational excellence, ensuring that all stakeholders perfectly activate the Journey, to budget, to targeted KPIs, and on time. You will excel at stakeholder management and project management, be an expert collaborator and

Secondly, you will be the day-to-day voice of the client within the team. You will provide the client and any other external stakeholders with a continuous clear line of sight of their investment throughout the Purchase Journey, and act as the client’s primary point of contact once the campaign is approved. You will report back with ongoing checks on the status of the campaigns, discuss opportunities for enhancement and optimizations, reviewing reports and the overall performance of the Journey, and in general ensure that the client is fully informed

Thirdly, you will have line management responsibility for any Journey Makers, and, where appropriate, Journey Execs, within your team. You will manage and support them day-to-day, assisting them with workload management, delegating where appropriate, provide ongoing pastoral care, and training them to ensure that they are developing quickly and successfully.

Core Responsibilities:

Manage and oversee the delivery of the Purchase Journey:

  • Ensure that all stakeholders perfectly activate the Journey, to budget, to targeted KPIs, and on time within Wavemaker.
  • Work alongside Journey Design to understand their vision and goals for the Journey Design thoroughly and deeply, so that you can represent it to the client as strongly as they
  • Sit alongside Journey Design when briefing Activation
  • Work closely with the Senior Journey Designers and Senior Journey Activation to ensure the day to day is run efficiently and effectively and control the process from the point at which the investment is signed off by the client, and it is briefed to Journey Activation by Journey Design for buying and optimization
  • Take leadership on the management and delivery of the Purchase Journey after it has been signed off by the client, working closely with Activation, and continuously referring back to the Design team for checking and reinforcement
  • Manage the ‘project plan’ for executing the Purchase Journey – know exactly what needs to be delivered by when and by whom, ensuring all deadlines are met, engaging regularly with internal teams to keep everyone on track and on time, and being a central point of communication between Activation and Design
  • Liaise with agency partners to ensure they are fully aware of activities and have all the detail needed to fulfill their role
  • Ensure excellent collaboration between Journey Delivery team and all other functions within the integrated team
  • Work collaboratively with any other specialist teams within WM where required to enable excellence in execution throughout the Purchase Journey (e.g TAPP, WM Content etc.)
  • Ensure Activation teams are reporting regularly on the progress of the Journey, have clear sight of performance vs KPIs at all times, stay abreast of optimization decisions made by Activation, and escalate where necessary to Design when significant changes to the Journey are required (i.e. when the Journey Design needs to be adjusted significantly for budget, timing or other needs)


Be the day-to-day voice of the client within the team:

  • Communicate to all external stakeholders, chiefly within the client’s business, the precise status of their investments throughout the Journey, and ensure everyone involved is appropriately informed, aware and consulted at all times.
  • Build strong mid-level clients’ relationships and be the key contact for activity in market and know real time status of activity
  • Able to articulate to mid-level clients the key deliverables around their campaigns when they require it
  • Man-mark mid-level clients and adeptly learn their business and ways of working
  • Own weekly status reports and overall holistic campaign reporting sent to clients (the reports themselves to be completed by Activation)
  • Collate ongoing learning from Activation on campaign progress and results, and work with Journey Design to ensure those learnings are incorporated into future journey decisions and deployment thinking
  • Behave as if you yourself are the client within the team, so that you are constantly asking probing questions of the Activation team on their behalf, are fully aware at all times of the performance of the campaign against KPIs, and are liaising with the client on any adjustments to be made on an ongoing basis (beyond the ongoing in-market optimisations that will be made by the Activation team)
  • Know the client’s business and the expected contribution that the Purchase Journey makes in terms of those business metrics, not just media KPIs. (NB setting the KPIs is the responsibility of the Journey Design team, but you should know and understand them, and how the Purchase Journey has been designed to achieve them)
  • Be confident in discussing and managing all potential comms touchpoints across the purchase journey, whether media, content, data or technology


Line management responsibility for any Journey Makers in the team:

  • Line manage any Journey Makers (and if appropriate, any Journey Execs) within your integrated client team, helping them to manage their workload effectively
  • Train and support them to become expert Journey Makers, to understand and be fully aware of the Journey Design function, and of Journey Activation across Channels and Platforms
  • Provide a clear development programme for each individual, ongoing feedback, and clear performance goals to support their development and career progression
  • Support Journey Makers to learning about, and being able to work with, the wider specialist products and services within WM
  • Support the Journey Delivery Lead in ensuring that the Delivery team’s resource is deployed appropriately in line with workloads
  • Where appropriate, support and manage the development of Journey Execs, and mentor them in any steps from Delivery into Design (or any other function), should this be deemed appropriate
  • Live the PACED values at all times

We are an equal opportunities employer. All GroupM agencies are equal opportunities employers and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, gender identity, disability, culture/religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.