Digital Operations Executive

Entry Level: Recent Graduates London, England



What will be expected of the role as a Digital Operations Executive?

Role context:
The Digital Operations Executive is the key point of contact for the day to day account management of our clients. They support the Digital Operations Managers to ensure the smooth running of BAU for all accounts, work closely with Wavemaker teams to understand our clients’ businesses and recommend ad technology & operations solutions to drive client strategies.

The Digital Operations Executive's role is to support the client’s digital ad technology stack by providing technical insight & support to the Journey Activation & other WM CS teams. They will work on client projects e.g. implementing ad tech such as Tag Management Solutions, Verification services, etc. and be a primary point of contact for clients & internal customers for all Operations services.

The Executive is closest to BAU ad operations and have unique insight into the effectiveness of the applied ad technology and services on accounts. They are key to driving improvement and growth across our clients at Wavemaker CS.


-          Passionate – brings a genuine thrill and excitement to the role

-          Agile – is able to be nimble in thought and action and overcome obstacles to achieve great things

-          Collaborative – works well with others, and can align behind a shared purpose

-          Entrepreneurial – is open to new ideas, and will challenge old ones.

-          Diverse – is proud of the difference they can bring


If you’re successful, you’ll join us either on a permanent or a fixed term contract with both have an initial three-month probation period.

Your first day will be about setting you up. You’ll meet your line manager and your wider team. They’ll show you around the building and the local area and – most importantly – they’ll take you for lunch.

Your first week. You’ll work with your line manager to set your first three month goals. You’ll also meet your mentor. They’ll be someone from another team, possibly another department, whose goal it is to help you bring out the best in yourself. You’ll meet up with them regularly to get advice and share experiences.

Your first month. You’ll complete all of your initial training on the different adserving platforms that the team use. You will have set up your first campaigns and be learning about the workflows and network structure of our client accounts.

Your first three months. What you’ll achieve in these first three months will vary from person-to-person depending on which clients you’re working on but broadly you’ll have learnt the following:

  1. How to set up and manage different types of Digital display campaigns using adserving platforms.
  2. Conversion tagging and re-targeting: how do we actually measure the success of campaigns?
  3. Viewability: how do we measure if a user has actually seen an ad?
  4. Brand Safety: how do we make sure that a client’s ad is not shown on a web page next to inappropriate content?


Who are we looking for?

What we do is detailed, technical, involves numbers and is incredibly fast (think how many searches are happening on Google every second, every hour…).

You will be at an advantage if your background is in computer science, maths or economics (or related disciplines). Plus if you’re able to code and/or are good with numbers then you’ll be well set.


…it’s not essential. We are keen to get people in from all kinds of backgrounds. The current team is a very diverse group which we believe is a major reason we are so successful: ultimately if we don’t reflect the people we’re trying to advertise to then we limit our effectiveness.

We do have maths graduates in our team but equally we have people who have come straight from school having started their own online businesses before joining us.

So if you aren’t a maths PHD or aren’t on your fifth start-up but have an eye for detail, care about doing great work, have an interest in tech and are a curious person then apply right now!


How should I prepare for the assessment day?

First thing for you to do is to read through all of this, do some research into Wavemaker, find out some more about the industry and ask yourself if this is something you really want to do. If it is then great, apply. 

If we feel you look like a good fit for what we need (see the Who are we looking for section later in this document) we’ll invite you in for an assessment day.

The assessment day does not involve making you do silly tasks. It’s simply for you to meet people from the Journey Activation Team. Yes, they will interview you. No, they’re not trying to catch you out. They’re nice people trying to find out what you’re like, what they think you’ll bring to our clients and whether you’ll enjoy working here. (see What will make you stand out on assessment day section for advice).


What will make you stand out on assessment day?

  1. Find out about Wavemaker and our clients – tell us what you know.
  2. Research digital marketing technology platforms and solutions etc. tell us what you think, tell us what you want to learn.
  3. Show that you understand we’re a client business, that without clients we’re nothing. Demonstrate how everything you’ll do at Wavemaker will be through the lens of: is it right for our clients, does it help their business to grow?
  4. Be yourself. Attitude is so important, the team want to meet people they want to work with and who they think their clients will want to work with.
  5. Ask the interviewers questions. These are the people you might spend 35 hours a week with for the rest of your working life! So it’s worth finding out a bit about them too.
  6. Sell yourself. No need to be coy about things you’re proud of. Tell us.



GroupM is an equal opportunity employer. We view every individual as exactly that, individual. We hire despite peoples differences, not because of them. We understand that inclusion is more than just diversity. We celebrate the fact that everyone is unique. That’s what makes us so good at what we do. At GroupM we pride ourselves on being a company that can truly represent the global clients we work with.

If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, you can email us via