Programmatic Display Account Director

Digital/Mobile London, England


Position at Mindshare

About the FAST Team

The Future Adaptive Specialist Team (FAST) covers all programmatic media buying across Search, Social and Display. We define any programmatic display as inventory that is traded on the open exchange (directly via DSP or indirectly via a partner e.g. Quantcast) or via a marketplace. The team plays a vital role in the Build phase across audiences, connections, content and measurement, implementing the solutions defined and designed by the Planning function.

The future of media is converging with more platforms and partners integrating and investing into a joined up digital journey. Where previously this may have been a jigsaw of partners, now we have scalable technology and platforms offering ways of interconnecting audience data through to execution. This creates better opportunities to plan and execute campaigns in a joined up way.

The FAST team are ultimately responsible for execution of campaigns, implementation strategy, channel reporting and insight. They will be developing each discipline to work across channel with the audience in mind and underpin this with the latest product adoption.

About the Programmatic Display Specialist

No customer journey is linear. As they move between screens, offline and online, the role of the FAST specialist is to understand this challenge and build our story around this. This can be measured in the Plan (who my customer is and what they want to do), Adapt (how to maximise the experience and outcome) and analyse phase (how I bring clarity and insight to a non-linear journey).

Our FAST team are specialists in their individual discipline (Search, Social, Display) but have the foresight to work horizontally across the other digital disciplines. The team will plan with this customer journey in mind, noting what actions brought them to their channel and what happens when they leave. However a specialist will be pushing adoption from their channel, keeping up with new product releases and working with partners to develop more.

The end to end channel optimisation will incorporate implementation planning and data integration cross channel through to creative and in detailed analysis. These skill sets will be part of the team whilst working with other specialists (business planning) for broader projects

Responsibilities for the Programmatic Display Specialist Include: 

Specific to programmatic display and video the programmatic specialist will also execute all channel campaign strategy and management requirements. We define programmatic suppliers/partners as any of those who access inventory through either the open exchange, programmatic direct or through a marketplace.

The FAST team members will have these core responsibilities.:

  • Briefing both suppliers and execution team (PBU) on campaigns
  • Ownership and production of supplier, technology and implementation decisions on plan
  • Outline data and tech partners for execution team and outline the implementation strategy for each e.g. controlled tests, KPIs, Dynamic creative optimisation
  • Inputting into creative recommendations and managing creative agency
  • Run reports and propose optimisation to execution team or for direct suppliers analyse results vs intended outcomes to optimise cross supplier
  • Develop the road map to include new technology and implementation with our clients. Project managing stakeholders and final delivery
  • Outline the flighting of tactics and creative
  • Ensure there is a universal data strategy and sharing across Search, Social and Display forms with consistent targeting, measurement and analysis
  • Ensuring the correct technical set up is in place for this channel and others in FAST i.e. account link ups, agreed tagging, naming conventions
  • Setting up and managing any 3rd party reporting tools i.e. cross device tracking
  • Working with data partners or clients data plans and validating their usage vs client KPIs
  • Ensuring billing processes are followed

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