Junior Talent Acquisition Manager - Media

HR London, England


Marc Conway


Talent Acquisition Manager Job Description


About the team

GroupM Talent Team was set up in 2008. The main objective of the team is to save money through managing the recruitment process effectively and efficiently across the operating companies (OpCos) of Mediacom, Wavemaker, Mindshare, M/Six and Xaxis. The secondary objective is to add value by creating a talent team that helps drive employer branding across each of the operating companies and helps proactively talent manage, attract and engage the best people for our group of companies.

A PSL is in place covering each discipline across GroupM. We are confident that we are defining a talent acquisition program that is in the best in its class within the media industry and team members need to have a passion for helping drive this program to greater gains.

Attracting the best talent means a great deal to us. We are a team striving for excellence. Team members need to pioneer, champion and challenge mediocrity and are looking for the best solutions to the ever changing face of recruitment. Team members need to know how to attract, engage and retain the best of the best within the media agency landscape.


Day to day job responsibilities:

  • Adhere to and manage the GroupM Recruitment process on all vacancies focusing on saving money and representing the Operating Company in its entirety.
  • Be the central conduit for all hiring managers and ensure every role is:

       Added to Jobvite, our applicant tracking system (ATS)

       Spread through the relevant social media channels of LinkedIn,

           Twitter, Facebook – always doing this through the GroupM official channels  

           not personal channels.

       Put on Springboard (internal WPP job board) if under £80k

  • Advise stakeholders (hiring managers) of the process and assist as required:

       Lead briefings when required and necessary.

       Ensure every briefing has a measurable outcome i.e. How many relevant   

           candidates will be submitted and within what time frame?

       Gain accountability from our Supplier Partners and give accountability on our

                         own team actions e.g. clear plan of what you plan to do and by when, agree t 

                         timelines etc

  • Build relationships with internal stakeholders. Listen to their challenges and define a plan for a resolution.
  • Undertake face to face briefings with hiring managers and schedule with recruitment agencies as and when required.
  • Set recruitment strategies (with your Head of Department if needed) for each new (designated) brief
  • Work with the PSL and brief the agencies as and when required
  • When there is a challenge with hiring, or a lack of candidates look at the solutions we can extend and discuss with the Head of Talent to ensure we are consistently advancing the business and delivering on the team’s needs. Do not leave a role “unattended”.


Candidate Management:

This role is very much candidate focused and specific responsibilities include:

  • Source candidates through direct methods to add to our existing database e.g Direct applicants; headhunting; staff referrals; recommendations, LinkedIn and generating strong leads from our contacts.
  • Map out the market/our competitors
  • Headhunt from our competitors across skillsets
  • Respond quickly to staff referrals
  • Interview direct candidates face to face and maintain relations/dialogue if they are right for the business
  • Work with your Manager to ensure Jobvite is kept up to date and all relevant candidates are skilled and notes added to the database.
  • Arrange interviews, deliver feedback, present offers for all direct candidates
  • Ensure our Social Media consultant is given any information needed to increase the flow of good candidates through Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter


Internal Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate internal moves (across WPP and GroupM)
  • Understand the WPP internal move process and advise candidates when necessary
  • Be an advocate for the Talent Team internally
  • Make sure that the recruitment process is followed internally
  • To follow KPIs set in line with our overall department goals



  • 2 days per week are dedicated to your specific Operating Company and if possible you are sat in their offices absorbing the culture and values of the business.
  • All incoming candidate enquiries are managed within 48hours
  • All incoming job briefs are converted with a minimum of a phone conversation within 24hours and ideally a face to face briefing for suppliers and our own team within 3 days
  • The Vacancy list is updated for your dedicated OPCO so that at a glance any team member/stakeholder can see activity.
  • Jobvite has all of your active briefs on and active candidates coded.
  • Phone calls are answered and messages returned (order of priority Management/Internal Stakeholders/Candidates & Agencies) minimum of 24hours.
  • You make yourself available for queries with Stakeholders and challenging briefs.
  • A weekly focus on urgent hires (maximum of 10) with measurable outcomes.
  • To be aware of the Jobvite report for the suppliers for your Operating Company – what roles are being neglected either by the talent team or the supplying agencies? Make sure you drive for feedback, outputs from supplying agencies so that business needs are delivered on.


The tasks and duties outlined in this job description may change and evolve and are not exhaustive.


GroupM is an equal opportunity employer. We view every individual as exactly that, individual. We hire despite peoples differences, not because of them. We understand that inclusion is more than just diversity. We celebrate the fact that everyone is unique. That’s what makes us so good at what we do. At GroupM we pride ourselves on being a company that can truly represent the global clients we work with.

If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, you can email us via TalentTeam.UK@GroupM.com.