Senior Journey Designer

Comms/Strategic Planning London, England


Position at Wavemaker

The Senior Journey Designer is a design role within an integrated client team. It sits within our Journey Design function, and is responsible for ensuring that we design industry leading solutions using media, tech and content to solve client problems across the purchase journey. With an excellent grasp of Rapid Growth Planning techniques, Senior Journey Designers will ensure that the voice of the consumer is heard, understood and reflected in the Journey Designs created for clients. Senior Journey Designers will be expert users of all WAVEMAKER tools which will allow them to create data-driven solutions to client briefs and quantifiable recommendations on their investment decisions.

The Senior Journey Designer’s role can broadly be split into three key areas of responsibility:

Firstly, you will be responsible for designing the most effective purchase journey for your client. On major briefs this will be in the form of supporting the Journey Design Lead, for day to day briefs, you will take the lead, designing the entire solution end to end, from purchase journey insights, to tasks, to ideas, to role of channels and finally implementational plans across media, content and tech. You will be passionate about uncovering new insights that unlock new approaches and challenge existing thinking. Every single penny invested will be justified through your analysis of data. You will have the ability to write a story which pulls together the entire proposal from objectives to ideas to solution into one simple, easily understandable and buyable narrative.

Secondly, you will ensure that implementation and ideas answer the strategy. You will ensure that Journey Designs do not lose focus as they progress. You (with your team) will work within the Rapid Growth Planning stages of Diagnose and Decide to regularly audit your clients specific Purchase Journey. You will be responsible for the Journey Design from the point of brief until implementation plans have had initial sign off. The role of Journey Design is to brief Activation, WM Content and other specialist parties in an inspiring and motivating way. Journey Delivery will sit alongside you in the briefing and will then conduct Journey Activation, WM Content and other internal stakeholders (and clients) around them to make it happen. A key part of the role will be ensuring all implementation and solutions reflect the latest understanding and learnings from previous activity, you will ensure that the entire team are all aware of what works and why.

Thirdly, you will have line management responsibility for any Journey Designers within your team. You will manage and support them day-to-day, assisting them with workload management, delegating where appropriate, provide ongoing pastoral care and train / develop them to ensure that they are developing quickly and successfully.  

Core Responsibilities:

Designing the most effective purchase journey for your client:

  • Use Rapid Growth Planning (WM’s planning approach) across all client work, utilizing a broad set of internal WM tools (inc. [m]Insight and WM Benchmarks) and external tools to build a deep understanding of the consumer, the client business and its specific Purchase Journey opportunities.
  • Briefs the Journey Activation team in a clear, concise and inspiring way to get the best responses possible from the teams  
  • Plan the entire journey and ensure Priming, Active, Brand, Performance are linked.
  • Define the tasks for media, tech and content investment, develop channel roles and investment priorities based around tasks
  • Responsible for working with the Journey Delivery and Journey Activation teams to keep abreast of how the journey is evolving, including consumer, competitor, and category insights. Leading macro course correction if required.
  • Responsible for always challenging and provoking the client, bringing new thinking, approaches and creativity powered by insights and data
  • Set and deliver planning against a clear set of KPIs
  • Partner with TAPP and research parties to ensure industry leading measurement across each design
  • Create strong productive working relationships with the planning and strategy teams of external agencies and media owners

Ensuring implementation and ideas answer the strategy:

  • Ultimately accountable for the Purchase Journey(s) on your clients’ business, up until the approval stage. Working with your Journey Design team (and consulting with and informing Journey Delivery) to create and control the process.
  • Ensure the plan reflects the strategy, by writing and sharing inspiring, actionable briefs which allow Journey Activation, WM Content and TAPP to create industry-leading solutions
  • Ensure investment decisions point to the precise moments in the purchase journey where it can deliver the greatest impact

Managing and developing the Journey Designers:

  • Ensure Designers are equally comfortable in Data, Digital, Brand, Performance
  • Ensure Journey Design Accreditation is achieved by Designers
  • Be responsible for the ‘to do’ list for timely work and effective output from the Designers in the team
  • Support excellent career development and support, including reviews, training programmes and career mapping for the Designers

We are an equal opportunities employer. All GroupM agencies are equal opportunities employers and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, gender identity, disability, culture/religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.